Vila Gale Hotels Portugal

We know you want a dream wedding, tailored to your wishes, but uncomplicated so you can truly savor this special day. So our proposal is simple: we treat the party and suggest paradise destinations to celebrate this special date. And the bride and groom, they just have to enjoy and have fun. Vila Galé programs can include: a ceremony, which can be a civil or religious ceremony, special menus, for which we have several function rooms that can be adapted for the occasion, and we also think about the decoration, photography, video and other complementary services for the occasion. We have wellness treatments ideal for the bride to enjoy in advance, but also all the appropriate preparations to enjoy the day before the wedding. For the party we prepare a special moment and it has to be lived with the friends, having a minimum of four participants. The moment is Girls Only and consists of a thirty minute massage and a special snack.You can choose one of the Vila Galé hotels in Portugal. We recommend Vila Galé Collection Palácio dos Arcos in Lisbon Coast. The ideal place.
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