Durhamstown Castle

Durhamstown Castle, Bohermeen, Co. Meath

This is the listing page for Durhamstown Castle located in Co. Meath. If you are getting married in Co. Meath why not contact Durhamstown Castle to see what they can offer you for your wedding day?

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Quality of service
Ema & Paul
Married on 3rd Jun 2023
Durhamstown Castle was the perfect backdrop for our special day and it couldn't have gone any better. We had the most amazing weather and had our ceremony outside on the lawn of the castle, with full sunshine and not a cloud in the sky. The reception drinks were also hosted outside by the stretch tent, with a trad band playing and a real festival vibe. For the dinner, we moved into the beautiful, rustic barn which was the perfect size for our party of 80 guest, where we dined and wined and danced until the morning. We wanted our wedding to be personal, relaxed and homely where everyone can be themselves and have fun, without any fuss, and that's exactly what Durhamstown delivered. Sue and Dave were very accommodating to all our special requests, allowed us to decorate ourselves and make use of all their props and spaces and we pretty much had the castle and grounds to ourselves for the weekend. All our guests loved it and many said it was the best wedding they were ever at. For us, it was truly better than we could've ever imagined, so we cant thank Sue and Dave enough for opening their home to us and looking after us so well on our special day
Added 24th Jul 2023
Andrea and Frank
Married on 18th Dec 2022
It is important to begin by saying that what Durhamstown Castle offers may not suit every couple, but for us it was absolutely perfect. We wanted a countryside wedding, a venue completely to ourselves, great food, accommodation for our guests, a relaxed atmosphere and a good party. Durhamstown delivered on all of the above. From the moment we first visited Durhamstown and met Sue and Dave we knew it was the venue for us.

Dave and Sue are interesting, kind, flexible and very easy to deal with. Like their venue, they are relaxed, and they facilitated everything we asked of them. Additional requests, like mulled wine before the wedding ceremony, were facilitated without fuss. They were extremely helpful and patient when we struggled with our food options (because everything at the tasting was delicious!) The food options were plentiful and the ability to give our guests a choice on the wedding day of two different starters and main courses was something we really appreciated.

We had 95 guests at the wedding and our ceremony took place in the barn. Dave and Sue had no problem with us decorating the spaces to our own taste which was another plus, but the venue itself is very beautiful and spacious, and it doesn?t really need anything to make it more attractive. Both of our families and some friends stayed in the Castle and accompanying courtyard houses. The accommodation was beautiful and very well-equipped, with fires lighting making for a very cosy atmosphere. And all for what we felt was a very reasonable price. At no point did we feel that Dave and Sue were motivated by money. It always felt they had our best interests at heart.

Over the weekend of the wedding, we had the castle and adjoining accommodation completely to ourselves. It felt like a home from home. Sue and Dave were non-intrusive but readily available to help if needed. The staff in the venue were fantastic. They were friendly, accommodating, and all seemed to really enjoy their work which made for a very pleasant experience by all.

All of our friends and family absolutely loved Durhamstown, and its fabulous owners.
Added 10th Jan 2022
Hugh Clancy and Edel McBarron
Married on 9th Mar 2022
I cannot describe just how amazing Durhamstown Castle was as a venue for our wedding. It went completely beyond our expectations. The place is quirky, unique, timeless and full of character. The grounds are large, the gardens are full of life, covered in flowers, ivy and greenery - think rustic, old, French chateaux. It feels like a home and you will have complete ownership of the place during your stay. Sue & Dave (the owners) are relaxed and laid back and yet everything is under control. It would be hard to be stressed here. The staff are amazing and the food is out of this world - they pride themselves on their food. We stayed for x3 nights and would have liked to stay longer. This is not a hotel so don't expect room service or a manned reception . It is a venue you rent, that has different catering options (including a bar) but its up to you to decide what you would like. I would 110% recommend Durhamstown Castle to a close friend. Thanks Sue & Dave!
Added 4th Nov 2022
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Cat & Charlie
Married on 4th Sep 2021
After trekking through viewings for a host of wedding venues and feeling completely overwhelmed with how strict to tradition the vast majority of them were (nothing wrong with that, it?s just not what felt comfortable for us!) we finally came upon Durhamstown Castle and didn?t look back.
Sue and Dave, the owners are a dream and if you are looking for a venue with a relaxed air, good food and the freedom to create the day that you want, Durhamstown is the place for you. The grounds are beautiful, rustic and natural, the menu is definitely a refreshing change from the norm and the wine is absolutely divine!!
Through all the ups and downs of covid, Sue and Dave were so supportive and helpful, changing our date twice without hassle and accommodating us with our uncertain numbers right up until the very end. We had the freedom to decorate as we wished and had the full use of the house, the barns and the grounds to accommodate both our ceremony, meal and afters. (At which we had an absolute ball!)
The staff on our wedding day also deserve a special mention- all of them so attentive, friendly and great fun. Durhamstown is a treasure.
Response from Durhamstown Castle
Catherine & Charlie, what a smashing review - thanks so much! From our point of view your wedding was a joy to host. And your families - their adoption papers are in the final stages of completion!! Dave & I get enormous satisfaction from doing a great wedding - yours & Charlie's was definitely one of those. Sue & Dave
Added 4th Jan 2022
Sarah And Tiarn?n
Married on 27th Aug 2021
They say your Wedding Day is the best day of your life, and I have to admit, before we were married, we found this ideology hard to fathom. However, now that we are wed, we can confirm that for us, this is entirely accurate! This was made possible, because we chose Durhamstown!
During the planning process, we became aware early on, that our Venue was most important to us. We wanted the day to feel magical and other worldly, yet at the same time have a relaxed atmosphere. Durhamstown offered the perfect combination of the two plus so much more.
Sue and Dave, along with their team were friendly, welcoming and most accommodating. They made us feel important, respected our individuality and supported us in making our vision of the day a reality. As we both work in the wedding industry, we knew what we wanted and didn't want. We didn't want to feel like we were being rushed through the motions of the day, we wanted to have the time and space to really take it all in and enjoy it. Exclusive access to the venue (no other non-wedding guests), along with the option of hiring the castle for the full weekend for your nearest and dearest, offered us this much needed time and space.
The Venue is so versatile with a multitude of ceremony space options. Luckily we got a scorcher of a day in August and so were married on the front lawn, with the main house itself as the backdrop. It was truly magnificent.
The Menu offered is well considered .We trusted Sue and Dave with the choice of wine and they did not disappoint, it was delicious.
On day 2 of the weekend we had a very relaxed BBQ in the garden with a smaller group of guests, this allowed us time to explore the venue further and make use of the grounds where the kids enjoyed playing. A safe open space for kids to let off steam, helps thier parents to relax, and that they did, which was an excellent feeling.
Overall, We couldn't have wished for more. Our only regret is that it was over too soon and we wish we could have stayed longer. We hope to return to see Sue and Dave again in future and we wish them every success, because what they have created in their dear old Durhamstown is nothing short of magical.
All our Love,
The Cassidys

Added 5th Jan 2022
Brendan and Lucia
Married on 9th Jul 2021
Durhamstown is an amazing place, and our wedding weekend was an absolute dream! We were there in the summer, with 50 guests (which felt absolutely perfect) and we had our ceremony outside under the stretch tent, which was beautiful. I don't want to just repeat what the other reviews have already said, about how great Sue and Dave are, and the food, and the house, and the staff, and the barn and the flexibility, and pretty much everything... but they are right! The biggest thing, for us, was the fantastic freedom we had in Durhamstown. We had 50 guests in total, and ~25 of them were able to stay with us on-site for 3 nights between the castle itself and the two other houses. This gave both families their own individual space, as well as the shared common space of the main castle/house (and its incredible kitchen) where we could all come together. Around the house and the garden there are so many different places to sit or talk or whatever, so many little "areas" for your guests to find and enjoy, and each of them has so much of its own character. It's not a hotel, there aren't staff everywhere looking at you, and that really changes the atmosphere into something easy and relaxed and informal. Everyone in our families mentioned this as a huge plus, and as something different. I've never been to another wedding like it - it's a different kind of luxury to have that freedom. We couldn't have asked for anything more, and I can't recommend it highly enough.
Added 27th Jan 2022
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Hil & Wil(l)
Married on 3rd Jul 2021
We feel like we had the best wedding ever. No higher praise can I give than that I reckon!

Like so many couples, the pandemic wreaked havoc on our original plans of having around 120 guests for our wedding, which was originally slated for July 2020 and then moved to July 2021. Dave and Sue were so chilled out about moving our original date, there was no fuss at all ? in fact, they were so human and just full of good humour throughout the entire wedding planning process. I think that was a large part of why we enjoyed our time collaborating with Durhamstown Castle so much. We never felt like just like another number or a customer to be squeezed for cash ? you will truly feel at home there.

The castle offers many spaces inside and out for the wedding ceremony and reception, including an intimate dining room, a big barn, a sheep shed and amazing gardens with the option of a stretch tent and picnic tables. If you want to let your imagination run wild with decorations and entertainment ? you absolutely can! Equally, you can let the rustic beauty of the venue and its surroundings speak for themselves. There?s no big need to spend oodles on big flowers and centrepieces to gussy up the place when it looks this good au natural, so if your decoration budget is a bit tight, this is well worth bearing in mind.

For us, the menu was a big draw. I?m sure much has been written on this front in previous reviews, but suffice to say, if you?re a fan of Ottolenghi or the like, you will not be disappointed. Durhamstown offers beautiful, natural dishes that stand out from the usual wedding fare ? though there are classics to be had as well. We opted for a fabulous Courgette & Parmesan soup, Shakshuka, Yemeni salad, Hake and Beef. The melanzane, asparagus and tarte tatin were also big hits! All the wines we had were fab as well. Prices for wine and the all-important pints on the night were reasonable (certainly compared to some other venue?s price lists). Sue and Dave offered plenty of scope to customise every aspect of the food and drinks which we really did appreciate.

We stayed two nights and had a small rehearsal dinner the night before, which we would highly recommend, in order to take full advantage of the amazing castle and its many rooms. We also booked a late checkout for the Sunday, which was very much worth the extra few bob.

Aside from the delightful owners, the castle staff were all extremely friendly, helpful and attentive and they absolutely deserve a shout out. The atmosphere they created was super relaxed and upbeat ? very helpful to soothe any wedding nerves! The entire day from start to finish ran extremely smoothly. On that note, I have to say a MASSIVE thanks to Sue for accommodating my Dad?s highly unorthodox and last-minute request to bring along the family dog and tortoise ? Sue, you?re a star! Dad felt like the lord of the manor sitting out in his little enclosed garden in the courtyard; it made me so happy to see how relaxed he was. It?s a perfect example of the care taken by Sue and Dave and their crew. They love hosting, and it shows.

Thank you so much to everybody at Durhamstown for giving us our wonderful wedding.

TL;DR: If you?re looking for a naturally stunning venue that is off the beaten track and serves up DELICIOUS food, you can?t go wrong with Durhamstown.

Response from Durhamstown Castle
Hi Hilary & Will, that was a stupendous piece of work! I'm blushing - but it really DOES encapsulate all we're striving to achieve here. When we got married in Kilkenny (44 years ago!) we had a civil wedding & held the Reception at home. A brilliant budding chef/friend did the catering & Dave - my husband - played in the band! So we try & recreate that vibe for anyone who fancies getting married in Durhamstown - laid back but intimate, families front & centre & great food. You've said it all guys & your wedding was an absolute pleasure to host! Thanks for choosing us! Dave & Sue
Added 18th Oct 2021
Noel & Eleonora
Married on 12th Dec 2020
We fell in love with the Durhamstown Castle at first sight, it had an ideal venue for us: small, elegant but cosy, perfect for 20-30 people. Sue and David, the owners, were extremely helpful all the way through. We had a delightful wedding dinner, everything was just perfect.
Response from Durhamstown Castle
Hi Noel & Eleonora, it was sooo great your wedding was able to go ahead & if anything it just heightened the excitement that naturally surrounds a wedding. it was great working on the decor with you Eleonora! I really enjoyed it! And thank you both for the lovely compliments! Dave & Sue
Added 14th Oct 2021
Emma and Jonathan Gerring
Married on 7th Dec 2019
We had our wedding here in December 2019. Sue and Dave were so accommodation throughout the process and we fell in love with them as much as the venue. Its very etheral and suited everything we hoped for. If you want an old word dreamy place with great food and great wine I recommend it here. We hope to come back to celebrate an anniversary sometime. NOt to mention us being allow have our dogs at the wedding which was so important to us and many couplpes nowaday.
Added 9th Jan 2020
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Miriam Young
Married on 14th Sep 2019
We got married back in September and we honestly couldn't recommend Durhamstown Castle any higher. We didn't want a typical hotel ballroom wedding, and the barn was the absolute perfect place for our reception, and filled beautifully with our 80 guests. We had the castle for the full weekend, so that our nearest and dearest could stay with us (which is just what we wanted - it has capacity for 27 people to stay the night, but if you're looking for on-site accommodation for a bigger party then Durhamstown isn't for you - but none of our guests had any difficulty sourcing accommodation close by!) Sue and Dave were honestly so so friendly, helpful and relaxed, we felt like they were completely on the same page as us when it came to hosting a low key and relaxed wedding full of laughter and empty of stress. The food is AMAZING - we had a lamb tagine and salmon as our main courses, antipasti and a Yemeni salad for starters and lemon tart or brownie for dessert - all were stunning and everyone is still telling us how good the food was and how different to usual wedding fare. We were a little late arriving from the church, so they pushed back the start time of dinner by 15 minutes without any trouble. And even when Conor and I had to go to take our portraits during the drinks reception, one of the catering staff spotted us and brought us over a plate of canap?s (including plenty of veggie options for our photographer!) Even settling the bill at breakfast time the following day, Sue and Dave arrived with a bottle of bubbly and some gorgeous cakes that Ruby made (that we enjoyed on our balcony in the Europe on our honeymoon, by the way, and I'm still dreaming about them!)

Honestly, organising our wedding could not have been more low stress, and the day could not have been more beautiful. Durhamstown is visually stunning - the barn as is barely needs any more dressing, but they let us do whatever we wanted the day before, and arranged the tables to fit our numbers without even a mention of it.

If you're looking for a more laid back option, and hate chair covers, and want your food to be different and home made, and to have stunning and different surroundings, (and all at really unbelievable pricing, considering everything they did for us), don't hesitate to go and take a look, and I guarantee you won't regret it.

Sue & Dave, thank you for everything
Added 21st Dec 2019
Sinead & John
Married on 6th Jul 2019
The most used words our guests used to describe our day was ?relaxed? and ?different? (one guest even described it as ?magical?!). I wish I could take the praise but this atmosphere was a true reflection of the owners Sue & Dave. They were a pleasure to deal with from start to finish. If you are looking for a rustic reception barn, this one is the genuine article! Aisling looks after the decorating and does an amazing job for adding all those small extra touches that truly transform the space. One word to describe the food "Delicious"! Our wedding day couldn?t have gone any better and I really loved this venue. Overall comments about this venue; country setting with a fantastic rustic reception barn, fantastic food and fantastic owners. Thank you again to everyone at Durhamstown Castle
Response from Durhamstown Castle
Thanks sooo much to Sinead & John, it was a pleasure to be the hosts of your weddIng! Everyone - including the guests! - cooperated on your big day, even the notoriously fickle Irish weather & Sinead got her dream of marrying under a blue sky! Thank you for the lovely review. Hugs from Durhamstown, Sue & Dave
Added 23rd Aug 2019
John & Deirdre Flanagan
Married on 18th May 2019
We had a fantastic weekend at Durhamstown Castle from start to finish. We were married in the barn as the weather was a wee bit unsettled but managed to do part of the ceremony on the front lawn as well. We had the entire run of the house without any intrusion apart from helpful advice. The food was absolutely perfect as were the hosts Sue and Dave and their staff, no airs or graces, their laid back nature put you right at ease and it was a pleasure to be able to have had our wedding in their beautiful home. We had 120 guests who all sang their praises also, Thanks Sue, Dave, and all your staff GRMMA !
Added 22nd Jul 2019
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Grace Gordon
Married on 14th Sep 2018
Durhamstown castle is an amazing venue. The house is eclectic & welcoming and the great barn is a beautiful space to throw a party with old stone walls & wooden roof beams. The grounds of the castle are gorgeous, wonderful old trees, ivy & rustic outbuildings.

Dave & Sue are a pleasure to deal with, very welcoming & genuine and Roly the dog would steal your heart!

The food on the day was top class. It's not your standard meat & 2 veg fare and was a big part of the reason we had our wedding there. The day went smoothly & we got so many compliments on how fin & relaxed it was.

I highly recommend Durhamstown castle as a great venue
Response from Durhamstown Castle
Hi Grace, we’re blushing! And even Roly is blushing! It was such fun hosting your wedding and we’re so glad to have made it memorable for you. Sue, Dave, Ruby & Roly. Woof woof.
Added 12th Oct 2018
Sarah Dinneen
Married on 14th Jul 2018
If you are looking for a country chic, relaxed venue this is for you. Sue and her team provide excellent service and welcome you into their home. It was a dream wedding and everyone loved it. My goal for my wedding was to have a very relaxed vibe and more of a weekend family and friends get away marked with a short ceremony! Our expectations were met and then some. Thank you to Sue and Dave for the lifetime of memories
Added 18th Oct 2018
Roisin & Tim
Married on 20th Oct 2017
We had the most perfect wedding, thanks to Sue & Dave and the staff at Durhamstown Castle.
Sue & Dave were fantastic throughout the whole process allowing us to have our own unique day. The food was truly amazing, we really had no complaints.
We stayed there for the whole weekend with family & friends, enjoying all the castle has to offer. We were really made to feel at home.
We can't thank Sue & Dave enough for all they did. Durhamstown Castle is the perfect wedding venue, you really will not be disappointed.
Added 4th Jan 2018
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Juliet Fleming
Married on 6th May 2017
My husband and I want to say a huge thank you to Sue, Dave and Ruby for the absolute amazing time we had in Durhamstown Castle for our wedding.

On first arriving in Durhamstown, we knew that this was the venue for us. We wanted an exclusive venue where both our families could stay the night before the wedding as well as the night of the wedding. From the beautiful grounds, the homely and laid back feel, the unique and quirky bedrooms in the house and the impressive kitchen in the main house, Durhamstown ticked all the boxes.

The rustic barn with it's stone walls, beautiful wooden tables and chairs and banqueting style dining created a wonderful and relaxed atmosphere. All our guests had an absolute ball. Also thanks to Emma for helping the day to run seamlessly and to the friendly and helpful staff.

We would thoroughly recommend Durhamstown for great food, relaxed atmosphere and a great party.
Added 12th Jun 2017
Robert McCann
Married on 9th Dec 2016
We couldn't have picked a better venue to have our very own bespoke wedding. I feel in love with Durhamstown from the moment I drove up the drive way. Our initial plan was to have an intimate wedding ceremony and evening with our immediate family, and a big party later on in the week with our friends but after seeing the barn first hand we just had to make full use of the venue.

Dave, Sue & Ruby were very accommodating in letting us decorate the barn and were extremely helpful whenever we need anything. It was a very bespoke wedding and it turned out to be a magical day and night. Literally nothing could have gone better. All the food was incredible, from our dinner in the castle, the evening food for our friends and family, to the gorgeous breakfast in the morning.

If you're looking for that bit of magic in your venue I couldn't recommended this place anymore.

A special thanks to Dave for preparing 2 bedrooms late into the next morning for our guests that needed a last minute place to stay. He waited hand and foot on us.
Added 11th Mar 2017
Mike & Mariah
Married on 1st Oct 2016
Mahalo to Sue, Dave & Ruby for making our wedding the most memorable and perfect day! Durhamstown Castle was the ideal venue, as it was near Dublin, making it relatively easy for all of our international visitors to locate. A much more authentic experience is provided by the venue than most others we could find. We booked the venue without even seeing it because Sue and Dave were so responsive, flexible and easy going. We wanted a laid back event, that felt more like home when our visitors arrived.

They were also able to suggest Annie Byrne from Aislinn Events to help us plan (as we were planning the entire thing out of the country). Fortunately, Annie, Sue & Dave coordinated seamlessly and made the magic happen. The castle itself was perfect for our needs, as it was large enough to house our wedding party for a few days. Sue, Dave, and Ruby made some of the tastiest food in Ireland, plus the presentation and execution were effortless. The great barn held our increased number on the day, and we were able to get 140 people comfortably for dinner and dancing.

There is nothing we would change about our wedding, everything was spot on. Communication and service were excellent and the experience was incredibly personalized. We recommend Durhamstown Castle - 10 stars!!
Added 29th Apr 2017
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Allison & Tom
Married on 10th Jul 2016
We are so incredibly happy that we booked Durhamstown Castle for our destination wedding this past July. The venue is even more beautiful in person, just like a fairy-tale. I thought the pictures looked stunning when I started booking everything so far away in Florida, but we were blown away when we came over and saw it for the first time to do a taste testing. Speaking of the food...I still dream about that food. Sue, Dave, and their entire team treated us with great kindness, respect, and patience during the entire process. We felt like family and right at home the instant we walked through that striking doorway. Our guests still bring up what an amazing time they had and how perfectly everything turned out. We would recommend Durhamstown Castle without hesitation and would go back in a heartbeat.
Added 2nd Feb 2017
Jem and Dave
Married on 22nd Aug 2015
On first meeting Sue and Dave we were welcomed into the heart of their stunning home with aromas from the castle kitchen that instantly won our hearts. We knew there and then that Durhamstown was for us.
We wanted a personal unique stylish wedding where we treated our guests to exceptional food in a beautiful venue steeped in history and culture and truely bespoke along with a stamp of our creative personalities shining through.
Sue and Dave are very artistic and creative both in and out of the kitchen so they totally made us feel at home and provided us with that extra inch of flexibility as opposed to most wedding venues who are more restricted and conveyor belt in style - if you are after a truely unique personal wedding then look no further.
Durhamstown is a gem of a venue with the old house on site next to the great barn, which was spectacular on our wedding day, set amongst glorious grounds tucked away in Bohermeen. It really is irelands best kept secret for weddings.

Added 3rd Apr 2017
Married on 8th May 2014
"Thanks Sue and Dave for this wonderful wedding in your stunning castle. For us definitely the best alternative wedding venue in the whole of Ireland and so easy to get to from Dublin ! Less than an hours drive and we were transported to this idyllic setting . The grounds are full of mature trees and the castle itself is full or wonders.
Dave , Sue , Ruby and their team are so welcoming and genuine (not to mention the delicious food!) the house has plenty of space to accommodate everyone and we felt so at home and relaxed. If we could we would get married there every year !!
Layla and Torsten
Added 2nd Feb 2017
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