2022 Wedding Trends We’re Obsessed With

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As 2021 comes to a close, we’re looking ahead towards the fabulous 2022 wedding trends! Next year will see lots of bows, bright colours and Bridgerton. We can’t wait! Take a look at these 2022 wedding trends and you’ll see why we’re so obsessed.

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Eco-Friendly Weddings

Here’s a 2022 wedding trend we can be on board with. Sustainability conscious couples are doing things their way! This means hiring instead of buying brand new decor items, going paper-free and sending digital Save The Dates instead, and giving wedding favours that won’t be thrown away afterwards.

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Pictured below: Wedding invitations your guests can frame. This means they won’t end up in the bin! Available at Pale Pink Studio.

Unusual Wedding Dates

We’re seeing lots of couples select midweek and winter dates, in favour of typical Saturday summer weddings! This means more supplier availability and a greater chance your guests won’t already be committed to another wedding or event.

Interactive Dessert Experiences

Couples are treating guests to flavours with meaning. We’re seeing beautiful cakes, dessert tables, candy buffets, Prosecco walls and donut walls, with flavours that elicit memories. Couples are sharing memories through a dessert experience and they’re going big!

Pictured below: Gorgeous Prosecco wall available at The Irish Horsebox Bar Hire.

Bridgerton-Inspired Weddings

Bridgerton came out on Netflix in December 2020 and ever since, we’ve seen couples incorporating their period drama favourites into their Big Day. 2022 wedding trends will see couples choosing spectacular wedding venues, finding creative ways to share literary quotes, going big on candles and, of course, including classical versions of pop songs!

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Outdoor Weddings

We’re embracing the open-air message from the last year and seeing more relaxed outdoor weddings. There will be marquees, with vintage furniture brought outside, creating a whimsical, playful, garden wedding atmosphere.

Pictured below: Clanard Court Hotel | Photographer: Bokeh Photography & Film

Kid-Friendly Wedding Activities

Couples are including their own children as well as their guests’ children in their guest lists! And more, they’re finding fun ways to entertain them too, so that the parents can enjoy the festivities. This means nanny services and creative, kid-friendly wedding activities.

Two Piece Wedding Dresses

Romance meets comfort with this stunning 2022 wedding trend! We’re here for it.

Unusual Entertainment

We’ve always loved DJs and bands, and they’re here to stay! This time around, couples will have additional entertainment to complement their band and DJ. We’re talking beer pong, bouncy castles, temporary tattoos, selfie mirrors, live art and silent discos!

Pictured below: Linda Byrne Wedding Illustrator

Reverse-Destination Themes

Instead of going abroad, couples are bringing their destination wedding dreams to life here! They’re immersing guests in menus, music, flowers and experiences of their favourite destinations and we love it.

Bright Colours

The big colours we’re seeing lots of are all bold and bright! Wondering which colours will be big? The colour trend forecasters are predicting 2022 wedding trend colours will be vibrant pink-purple Orchid Flower, earthy green Olive Oil, creamy yellow Butter, tropical Mango Sorbet and ocean-life Atlantic Blue.

Pictured below: Honour and Pop (Pinterest)

Multi-Sensory Experiences

After months of restrictions, couples are ready to go big and give their guests a jaw-dropping experience. They’re incorporating textures, scents, sights and sounds to create a multi-sensory experience guests won’t stop talking about.

Smaller Cakes

Another big 2022 wedding trend is smaller cakes. This doesn’t mean guests won’t be eating cake – because, oh boy, they will. We’re seeing couples choose a smaller cake to display, with the larger cakes being cut in the kitchen and brought out for guests to enjoy.


We’ve always loved bows! Choose a wedding dress with a bow, pop a bow into your hair or shoes, or include bows in your table decor. Whatever you choose, we’re here for it.

Pictured below: Martha Stewart Weddings (Pinterest)

Individual Servings

What began as a Covid precaution has turned into a trend! We’re seeing tiny charcuterie boards, mini desserts, individual burger sliders and other individual servings for guests to enjoy in style.

Floral Crowns, Beach Waves and Braids

2022 wedding trends for hair will see beautiful floral crowns, beach waves and braids! These trends are here to stay and we’re obsessed.

Supporting Local

We’re rounding off our 2022 wedding trends list with our absolute favourite: supporting local! Couples are going out of their way to select suppliers, decor, food and other wedding items from their wedding location. Supporting local is fantastic for the environment (see more here) and your local supplier team will love you for it!