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8 Ways To Pull Off A Stunning Summer Wedding

We do love summer, don’t we! Today we’re gearing up for summer wedding festivities and all that they entail. If you’re looking for ways to pull off a stunning summer wedding, we’ve got you covered. Everything from serving your iced drinks in a fun and creative way to outdoor activities your guests will love and more!


Enjoy being outside

With the gorgeous sun and clear blue skies, it would be a waste to spend all day indoors. Find opportunities to be outside, whether that’s for your ceremony, your pre-reception drinks, or even your entire wedding dinner!

Stetten Wilson


Bring out picnic blankets

If you’re going to spend time outside, create a relaxed atmosphere with picnic blankets and comfy cushions!

Lisa Lefkowitz


Serve creative drinks

Iced drinks are an absolute necessity for your summer wedding, and there are lots of lovely ways to get creative with how to serve them! Get vintage drinks dispensers filled with your favourite beverages, fill a wheel barrow with ice and bottles of drinks, or have your drinks on display in some other cute way!

Lisa Ziesing


Serve ice-cream

Speaking of necessities, you can’t go wrong with ice-cream on a hot summer’s day!



Play outdoor games

Your friends and family will have a fabulous time bonding over outdoor games like giant Jenga, ring toss or croquet!

The Ma Maison


Laid-back eats

Have fun with your wedding meal by serving laid-back food! Think about what you’d want to eat on a warm summer’s day? A big, fancy roast? Probably not! What about a pizza bar, burger sliders or a BBQ?

Kelley Jordan Photography


Keep them comfy

Here are a few ways to keep guests comfy during a warm summer wedding: flip flops to change into, fans, sun screen, water bottles, insect repellant, and absolutely anything else that’ll ease the discomfort of the heat.

Chris and Ruth’s Photography


A fire pit

If you’ve got a rain-free evening, embrace it by enjoying a warm night outside. Sit around a fire pit and toast marshmallows!

Darina Stoda Photography

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Kelly Jane Hartmann

Kelly is a former wedding planner and a lover of anything pink. She believes that any bride can plan her own wedding, with a few tips and helpful tools.

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