8 Wedding Traditions To Forget

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We say it lots, your wedding should be planned and executed your way. Sure, there are plenty of wedding traditions that some couples choose to carry into their day, but if you decide not to uphold them, that is absolutely fine, don’t feel peer pressure if they’re not for you. Sometimes you can feel like you want to keep everyone happy but really you only have the legal part of getting married to adhere to, nothing else. 

If traditions aren’t for you, here are eight that you can maybe let slide on your day… 

1. Tossing the bouquet 

The idea is that your single friends will gather together and compete to catch your bouquet. Whoever catches it will be the next to marry. If this feels way too cringy for your day, skip it! Your girls can find their future partners all by themselves. Plus, who really wants to throw their precious bouquet into the air! 

2. Wearing a garter

The garter is a frilly piece of fabric worn on the brides thigh for their new life partner to remove later, all a little bit TMI for us! 

3. Organise your own hen party

It is viewed as tradition for your Maid of Honour or Chief bridesmaid to plan the hen, but maybe you’re a planner and have thoughts on what you’d like to do – go for it! Just don’t offer to plan it if you feel you don’t have time, do what suits you best. 

4. The first dance

We get that not everyone wants to be centre of attention, especially dance-prone couples! Not fancy a first dance where all eyes are on you? Absolutely fine, ask your band to open the floor and get the party started we bet no-one will notice. 

5. Top table stress

We’re seeing more and more couples opt for informal style ‘top’ tables in the centre of the room with their guests all seated around them. 

6. Parents should pay for the day

Long gone are the days when the brides parents were expected to pay for the wedding! Of course if they want to contribute don’t be arguing with them, but most couples will now fund their wedding day themselves. 

7. You must have bridesmaids 

Most brides will have bridesmaids but you certainly don’t have to. If you simply can’t choose or don’t have anyone special in mind and it honest suit your situation, no biggie. 

8. Your dress must be white 

We beg to differ! The more unique the better in our book, and if that means veering away from traditional white or ivory, go for it! Your wedding day is a chance to show off your style, not be a cookie-cutter bride. 

(Image: Laura Mc Photography)