9 Sweet Foodie Ideas Your Wedding Guests Will Love

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We’ve a sweet tooth here in weddingsonline and love coming across fun new foodie trends. And there are lots of fabulous sweet edible trends popping up on the wedding scene your guests will LOVE! Whether it’s a cute dessert alternative, something to fill them up post-ceremony or a fun take away favour they can enjoy in the taxi home, these 9 sweet ideas are sure to create a really fun atmosphere and impress your wedding guests.

1. The Candy Buffet

The candy buffet is one trend that is going nowhere! Take your guests on a trip down memory lane with a sweetie table full of old school favourites from refreshers and cola bottles to Macaroon bars and Chomps. Leave out cute paper bags so guests can tuck in after dinner or stop by for a sugar hit after the dance floor.

Candy Buffet Suppliers

Candy Couture Sweet Boutique | Candylady | I Do Wedding Decor | The Wedding Prop Shop

2. The Dessert Table


The dessert table is hugely popular in the states but it’s making its mark over here as well! And we’re not surprised, what’s not to love about a table full of every treat imaginable! Get talented friends and family to bake their signature sweet treats so guests have lots of choice when it comes to dessert time.

3. The Chocolate Fountain


If you love your chocolate, a chocolate fountain will be right up your street (and your guests!). Guests will be lining up to dip marshmallows and fruit skewers in to a tower of warm, melted chocolate and it will be a real show stopper for your reception space too!

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4. The Crepe Station


Crepes and donuts are two new foodie trends that are making waves at weddings! Crepes are an awesome dessert alternative or would go down a treat after the ceremony if you’re looking to treat guests while you’re off with the photographer. Irish company The Crepe Box have their own mobile 1940s Vintage Airstream Unit that can pull up and serve freshly made crepes with an assortment of toppings. Or if you’re fond of your donuts, they make a super cute take home favour when paired with a ‘Do-Not Leave without a Treat‘ sign.

Crepe Suppliers

The Crepe Box

5. Popcorn Bar 


Parties and nibbles go hand in hand so why not create a fun, party atmosphere with a popcorn bar! Have some salty popcorn there for the traditionalists and give the sugar lovers a sugar fix with some sweet varieties. Just leave little boxes or bags close by so guests can help themselves! If you’re looking to make your set-up even more professional, be sure to check out the awesome retro popcorn cart available to hire from Candylady.

Popcorn Cart Suppliers

A Popcorn Cart is available to hire from Candylady

6. Hot Chocolate Bar


We’d gladly have a mug of hot chocolate whatever the season but they’re particularly amazing on a crisp winter’s day! It goes without saying guests will only be too happy to wrap their hands around a nice mug of hot cocoa to warm up after the ceremony or as a little pick me up after some dance floor antics. Set up your own little hot chocolate station complete with marshmallows, chocolate sprinkles and whipped cream – a definite crowd pleaser.

7. The Ice Cream Van


The ice-cream van still has the ability to make us reach for our purse despite being in our 30s and we bet your guests will love it too! If you’re looking for something to fill that post-ceremony lull or even a fun dessert alternative, arrange for an ice cream van (Freddie’s Ice Cream and Smith’s Ice Cream Vans both offer this service) to pull up and serve 99s to delighted guests. Or if you want to treat them to scoops of home-made ice cream, Adare Farm have a super cute cart that can dish up cones, wafers or bowls of ice cream.

Ice Cream Suppliers

Freddie’s Ice Cream | Adare Farm Ice Cream Cart | Smith’s Ice Cream Vans

8. Ice Pops


No childhood summer was complete without cool pops, Loop the Loops or Fat Frogs! If you like the idea of giving guests a nostalgic treat, this is a really fun option. Clear out the freezer and load up on Mr. Freeze style ice pops or if you fancy a DIY project, make up a couple of batches of home made popsicles for guests to enjoy after some champagne and canapés.

9. Sugar Cookies


If you’re looking for a favour that won’t be left on the tables, think edible! Sugar cookies look ridiculously cute, can be personalised and make for great take home favours. FYI Irish company Pete’s Pops hand-make cake pops, sugar cookies and lots of other yummy baked goods which are perfect for dessert tables, candy carts or as take home favours.

Sugar Cookie Suppliers

Sugar Cookies, Cake Pops and other Baked Goods are available from Pete’s Pops

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