Ask the Expert: Do You Think It’s a Good Idea to Give Guests a Song Request Option on the Night?

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Once dinner, the speeches and the first dance are over, it’s all about the dance floor! Naturally you want your guests to have an absolute ball and party the night away on the dance floor. Some couples toy with the idea of getting guests to request a song on the night but is this a good idea or should the band or DJ take the lead? We put it to the experts themselves, the wedding bands and DJs, would they recommend giving guests a song request option on the night? Here’s what they had to say…

Steve from Flog the Dog | View Profile

Yes, it’s all part of the audience interaction. Guest want to feel just as entertained and want to be thrilled for the happy couple the whole night through. So, if a guest requests a song and we have it in our repertoire, we’ll play it and have a laugh with the crowd while doing so.

Garvan Rigby from Star DJs | View Profile

I don’t really think this is a good idea. Why allow one guest with no knowledge or experience of music programming or DJing choose a song for a room of 150 people that most likely would not work. It’s too risky. It could clear the dance floor and kill the night, all over one bad or wrong song played. If that happens you could also find the guest not even dancing to that song and it could take 10 minutes to get the floor back up busy again after killing it over that bad song! If you have a lot of wrong song suggestions and you play them, you will kill the night and if you don’t, the guest might be unhappy.

Danny from Til Death Do Us Party | View Profile

Requests can often be an ideal way to help us keep the finger on the crowd’s pulse. But at the end of the day – remember that it’s the DJ’s job to keep the couple and the majority happy – this might lead to us vetoing the requests of some guests. If this happens, please remember that we’re professionals just trying to do our job!

Shane from Harlequin | View Profile

It’s a great idea to ask people to make requests from the band all night. Any band worth their salt will have a crack at a good request. Most top bands will know all the classics and will have no problem delivering. Challenge your band – interested musicians love learning new and interesting music and most of all love to deliver all your heart’s desire on the biggest night of your lives.

Photo by Katherine Ashdown via You & Your Wedding