Ask the Experts – “What Are the Current Trends in Wedding Rings?”

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“We’re getting married next year and are looking for something a little bit different for our wedding bands – we want something other than just a plain band. What kind of options do we have?” – Lisa

From the Experts

1. Fionagh from Ryan’s Jewellers  – See Ryan’s Jewellers range of wedding rings here.

The options are endless when it comes to wedding rings. Gents have lots of metal choices in gold or platinum and also now palladium, a new metal that is part of the platinum family but not quite as heavy and wears very well – there’s all types of satin and matte finishes that make the rings look very contemporary and by no means plain! Ladies have great choices in diamond set bands, either in a channel or pave/grain setting and even shaped to fit into your engagement ring if needs be. One of the newest fashions is fingerprint rings. It is where you simply get the fingerprint of your other half and stamp it onto the band either once or all the way around – its extremely personal to a couple and is becoming more and more popular.

2. John from The Wedding Band Shop

Traditionally wedding rings were a simple pair of classic court yellow gold rings. Tastes changed and platinum became the metal of choice. However, with the steep rise in the price of platinum this option has become less affordable. Thankfully, there is a whole range of wedding rings in different metals and styles available to choose from. Although platinum and gold are still very popular, palladium, titanium and even steel or silver are great alternative metals worth looking at if you are looking for something a little unusual.

If you decide that you want an eternity-style diamond band, then we recommend that you decide on what you want in the context of what best matches your engagement ring. After all, a diamond eternity is there to enhance your engagement ring and not match his wedding ring. His ring does not need to be expensive. Don’t feel that because your ring is platinum that his should be too. Palladium has all the advantages of platinum without the price tag. Titanium too is cost-effective, durable and low maintenance. If you decide to go with an unusual style for his ring, make sure he is happy with his choice and that he will be happy wearing it in his 60s! Remember that styles change.

Another alternative worth considering is handmade Irish rings. Although Irish-made rings feature mostly Celtic and Claddagh designs, they are available in a wide range of modern styles that have proven popular. Most of all, because they are hallmarked at the Irish Assay Office in Dublin Castle, you know you will be wearing something that is genuinely ‘Made in Ireland’.

3. Deborah from The Dubai Diamond Company

Traditional plain gold or platinum bands still look wonderful with classic engagement settings, but there are lots of other options out there that might appeal. Here are some ideas:

  • Birthstones – There has been a massive upsurge in the use of precious gems and birthstones as engagement rings and this is being reflected in their use in wedding bands also. If you prefer a plain band, why not put a little birthstone on the inside of the band. Only you will know it’s there, but it is a nice personal touch and it’s also a great option for a man’s band also.
  • Stacking – An alternative to the traditional larger engagement and slimmer wedding ring idea is the concept of stacking equally sized but differently designed diamond bands one on top of the other. This is an idea I love as you can add a band as special occasions happen, like your first wedding anniversary or the birth of your baby/(ies).
  • Solitaire – An idea that I have developed for some ladies is the concept of using the main diamond in the solitaire engagement ring, removing that and then incorporating the diamond/gemstone into a single, chunkier “marriage ring”. A smaller diamond from the engagement ring can also be put into a man’s ring somehow as a sign of the couple sharing everything. On the big day this ring is then blessed and put on the engagement finger. Quite the statement piece.
  • Nature (feathers, branches, butterflies, flowers) can inspire beautiful jewellery. It is possible to create a design for both you and your partner that symbolises a special place or time in your lives – evoking special memories. Waves, clouds, the universe! Any item or element can be an inspiration. We take your ideas and make them a jewellery reality. A quite different, but really nice idea, is to use tiny fragments of memory-linked materials in your wedding ring that can be captured for eternity in the gold of the wedding bands.

Your imagination is the only constraint when it comes to wedding jewellery. The great thing is that all of the creative options above are possible with The Dubai Diamond Company, and I am happy to speak to couples to advise on design services and how to arrange your fully customised jewellery for an excellent price.

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