Attention Guys! Here Are the Best Stag Do Options in Ireland

The Groom

Do you know what’s awesome about getting married nowadays? (Aside from couples getting all creative and finally doing things their own way?) It’s the hen and stag dos. You didn’t expect us to say that, did you? But just think about it – not long ago, there were literally no options except drinking, gambling and more drinking. Luckily, it’s all changed! We’ve already covered 18 brilliant activities and ideas for the hen party, and we couldn’t leave the guys out, could we? We present: the best stag do options in Ireland! Share with your hubby-to-be, or go straight to the best man (nudge, nudge). It’s the end of boring stag dos!

To the races!

best stag do options in Ireland

Photo courtesy of Limerick Racecourse

With a group of 15 more at Limerick Racecourse, the stag goes free! There’s something about the races that really gets to the heart of everyone, even the complete amateurs. The best part is complete flexibility; if someone doesn’t want to bet, they’ll still enjoy the thrill of the live race and the shared excitement if someone wins. And it’s a fantastic day whether you win a fortune or not! Packages with or without food are also available. In short, a day at the Limerick Racecourse is cool AND thrilling. Win win!

Get you gym gear on – 10 sports under one roof

best stag do options in Ireland

Photo courtesy of Pure Skill

If the stag and his merry men are heading the Galway way, then Pure Skill will have them puffing out their chests and sweating like Olympic athletes. The weather doesn’t matter, because it’s all indoors, in a 25,000 sq ft arena. And no need to worry about getting that best suit wrinkled – this is the place where gym gear is essential. Play 10 sports, including the nice and gentle golf putting, a bit of posh tennis, the always popular football, and the highly demanding hurling. Will the stag collect all 100 points… or will he get beaten? There’s only one way to find out. Go go go!

Outdoor challenge

best stag do options in Ireland

Photo courtesy of Kippure Estate

Is the stag hearing the call of the outdoors? Is he always going (or planning on going) hiking, climbing and other Mother Nature adventures? Then get him to the Kippure Estate – running since 2004 and growing in popularity every year! The guys will need all that fresh air to complete abseiling, orienteering, archery, a treasure hunt… a monster swing??? Yes! Definitely a day they’ll never forget. Best of all, prices start at only €39 per person, so it’s affordable and will be a bit of craic. 

Be Mario Andretti for a day

best stag do options in Ireland

Photo courtesy of Mondello Park

Would we be exaggerating if we said being a race car driver ranks right up there as the ultimate job for most guys? It’s not just the need for speed, it’s everything else that goes with it: the prestige, the attention, the chance to drive the best cars in the world… and at Mondello Park, every member of the stag do will unleash his inner Mario Andretti. Besides, who can resist the opportunity to drive one of the most desirable cars in the world – the Porsche 911? It’s impossible. For a stag do that gets the adrenaline pumping, this is it.

Party like an American

Photo via Thoughtco.

Welcome to the Coyotes, y’all – Galway’s best party bar. It’s four floors of electric atmosphere, flowing beers, karaoke and live music at weekends, all until the early hours! This is the place for stags who like things loud and thrilling, the food hot and filling, plus a poker game thrown in for a good measure. Own seating area, free drinks round and massive discounts from all kinds of activity partners and hotels – what’s not to like!

Cottage by day, party by night

best stag do options in Ireland

Photo courtesy of Cully Cottage

Think cottage is too boring for a stag do? Think again! Cully Cottage is located close to the lively town of Carrick on Shannon, and is minutes from Garadice lake. Activities? There are so many, the stag weekend should really be a stag week! There’s clay pigeon shooting, fishing, horseback riding (including cowboy western style riding lessons), booze cruising, quad biking, and that’s just during the daytime! And come night time, you can easily head to the hen/stag capital of Ireland – Carrick on Shannon. This is perfect for smaller groups up to six people.

Perfect your putt

best stag do options in Ireland

Photo of Ring of Kerry Golf Course courtesy of GreenGolfBall

Golf… what’s not to like? It’s challenging without rushing, you can wear nice clothes (although wading into streams to find lost golf balls is sometimes necessary), and enjoy that fine feeling of being all healthy outdoors… golf is what makes a stag do different. Get GreenGolfBall to organise a completely bespoke golf stag do for any size group, and from luxury to rugged. If the stag likes to enjoy the finer things in life, then this one’s for him.

Don’t know what to choose? Leave it to the pros!

best stag do options in Ireland

Photo courtesy of

Here’s your treasure trove of absolutely smashing stag do ideas – Leave it in the hands of these guys and you won’t have a boring moment no matter how long your stag do lasts – one day or one week. Some of the choice activities include: beer and curry classes (something the stag can impress the bride with for years to come!), surfing, go karting, Boda Borg (a Swedish import, mind bending trek across two floors of puzzles and challenges), turf warrior (where things get really muddy, really fast!), brewery tours, whiskey tasting… There are so many activities, your only problem will be too few hours in the day to try everything. will build you the perfect package, with the best stag do options in Ireland all under one roof.