Of course your wedding hair style will be gorgeous – but there are things you can do to make it stunning! It all starts before the wedding – and your stylist is your go-to person for tips and advice on what you can do to go from just hair to extraordinary hair. Here are some tried-and-tested tips to get you thinking about looking your absolute best.

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Bridal Hair DON’Ts

Don’t experiment with new hair colours or styles up to six months before the wedding – you may regret it, as mistakes cannot always be remedied without a trace.

Don’t bring more than two people to your hair trial – if you want more opinions, take pictures (ask the stylist if they’re okay with it before you start snapping away). Just like dress shopping, there is such a thing as too many opinions.

Don’t forget to pack a travel-size can of hairspray and some tiny hair pins in your emergency kit – best to be prepared.

Don’t forget to ask your stylist how to rescue your hair in case anything happens.

If you’re having hair extensions, don’t put them in at the last minute – make sure you try out your wedding hair style well in advance with the extensions in, and study your trial photos carefully – some types of extensions become very obvious in flash photography. Not to mention – by doing a trial run with extensions, you’ll avoid that dreaded headache.

Don’t over-accessorise your hair. A beautiful style will be dwarfed by too many embellishments – if you can’t decide, bring everything to your hair trial and find the best look together with your stylist.

Don’t try any new hair products in the weeks leading up to the wedding – you may end up with an allergic reaction.

Bridal Hair DOs

Photo from Mairead & Andy’s real wedding by Andrew O’Dwyer Photography

Do think about your dream hair style as soon as you can (our blog is a great place to get started!). This way, you’ll have plenty of time to make changes – for example, grow your hair longer.

Do bring photos of your wedding dress (front and back) to your hair trial – the stylist will be able to suggest the most flattering ‘do that compliments both your face and your dress.

Do find a healthy regime for your hair, ideally to start around two months before the wedding. If you’ve never had a deep conditioning treatment (at a salon or at home), or your ends are in need of a trim – don’t leave it too late. Give your hair a chance to look its absolute best by starting your hair care routine early.

Do think about your diet – nutrients are essential for great hair too.

Do ask your hair stylist how close to the wedding day you should wash your hair – they will recommend something that suits the hairstyle you have chosen.

Do wear a buttoned top at your hair trial and the morning of your wedding – you don’t want to ruin your hair style by pulling it through a t-shirt.

Do choose a timeless and classy style you’ll be happy to look at years on – nothing dates wedding photos more than an old-fashioned style. Remember all those 80s wedding photos you chuckled over? That’s what we’re talking about.

Do ask the stylist whether it’s okay to use hair straighteners in the weeks leading up to the wedding – he/she may advise you to give your hair a rest from all the ironing so it can look its absolute best on the big day.

Do discuss hair styles with bridesmaids, but don’t fuss too much if they want to change something – you’re the star of your day and no other hair is going to steal your thunder.

If you’re getting married at the very end of summer or in the autumn, do remember to shield your hair from the sun during the hottest months to avoid damage.

Do consider investing in a silk or satin pillowcase – experts say these fabrics are the kindest to your hair while you sleep.

Do let your hair air-dry as often as possible in the weeks leading up to the wedding.

Main photo from Chris & Gaynor’s real wedding by Memories Photography by Magda

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