Choosing Your Wedding Dress Style

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Choosing Your Wedding Dress Style

If you’ve begun the search for your wedding dress, you’ll know the choices are endless; from style, colour, fabric and detailing – it can quickly become overwhelming! Today we’re here to let you know, it will all be great, don’t panic. 

With the help of a talented bridal consultant you will have your wedding dress chosen easily. They are the professionals and are highly experienced in advising brides on what will work best for you and your day. We do suggest you have a small idea of what you are looking for, and today we’re sharing things to consider when choosing your wedding dress style. 

The Perfect Silhouette 

Every wedding dress has a silhouette, the shape of the dress and how it sits on the body. There’s a high chance you will choose a silhouette you hadn’t thought of until you try them on, but there may be silhouettes you rule out for certain. For example, you may want a figure hugging silhouette, in that case large structured ballgowns won’t be for you. 

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Comfort Factor 

Whilst of course you want your wedding dress to be comfortable to wear, we’re thinking more of the confidence/comfort factor here. Your wedding dress should in a small way reflect your everyday style – not that many of us wear a wedding dress on the daily! – it should make you feel the best version of yourself. If you favour loose-fitting, informal clothing, a highly structured ballgown with plunging neckline will not feel right! Chat to your bridal consultant about what you are most comfortable in and they will be able to guide you in the right direction. If you feel great in your choice, you will look great – simple. 

Time of Year

The time of year you are getting married does have an impact on your wedding dress choice. Whilst you may adore dresses with sleeves, they won’t be a sensible option on the warmest summers day. The time of year will also influence your fabric choice, lightweight chiffon in winter is not a good idea, you need to remember the temperatures and choose accordingly. 

Your Wedding Style 

By having a general overall look at the different elements of your wedding day, your venue, florals and any themes you may be incorporating, for example will help you narrow down your selection. Always share your plans with your bridal consultant, the more details they have about your day the better advice they will be able to give you. 

Don’t forget – It’s Your Day! 

When it comes down to it, your wedding day is just that, yours! Do as you feel, if you want to wear a ballgown on the beach, go for it! Your day should be just as you imagined it to be, no matter what anyone says. 

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