Engaged Box: The First Step To A Successful Wedding Planning

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Congratulations on saying yes to the marriage proposal of your beloved! Savour the presence of that rock on your finger for a minute, and let’s get planning.

Now, we understand that you’ve fantasized about your engagement party and even your big day. But the first and most important step to take is getting the engaged box bridal subscriptions from Miss to Mrs.

The engagement box is a bridal subscription box with the key tools to a fun and exciting wedding planning. And Miss to Mrs is the choice brand because it follows you through every stage of the wedding planning. Each bridal box has a theme and they are nine in total with quality items valued at over $100. There are 7-8 carefully curated items per box to match every wedding stage. And we’ll look at some of these items to tell you why the bride to be subscription box is an important first step to wedding planning.


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1. Wedding tips and hacks

One of the best gifts in the bridal subscription box is the wedding tips and hacks. You may think that you’ve got it all sorted in your head about what to wear, buy, and all. But you’ll realize that you’re a little overwhelmed and maybe confused. The bride to be subscription box saves you on that.

You get to see different kinds of veils to choose from, appropriate undergarments for different dresses, and more. How cool is that? This will help you make informed and swift decisions on your wedding attire.

2. Planner

Intending brides tend to write on tiny pieces of paper which could get lost, ruining some plans. But not to worry, the bride to be subscription box has you covered. You can now write down important things like appointments, payments, schedules, and more in one place — the planner.

3. Checklist

Do you think that you know everything needed to plan an engagement or a wedding? Wait till you see the checklist. The wedding subscription box comes with checklists that outline the essential things you must do and when to do them. When to buy your dress, book your cake, round up your vendors, pay for your venues, and other vital information. So you see? The checklist helps you prevent last-minute rushes.

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4. Paper clips

As you plan your bachelorette and wedding, you’ll cut out pieces from magazines that may get lost in the chaos. The bridal subscription boxes provide you with paper clips to help you hold these items in place. You never have to lose anything.

5. Studded earrings for someone special

Intending brides have their hands full and are so busy. They sometimes forget to buy an appreciation gift for their maid of honor, moms, or someone special. If this ever happened to you, dig into the bridal box for a beautiful pair of earrings for someone special. Saved by the bell! How cute is it that Miss to Mrs thinks about everything?

6. Vow books

Vows are sacred and they accompany the transition from Miss to Mrs. Miss to Mrs knows this and insists that you should never write them on tacky pieces of paper. So, in your boxes, you’ll find beautiful vow books befitting of your vows. Write in them and keep them.

7. Beauty and spa day essentials

All work and no play makes a dull and tired bride. Take a break from planning and go pamper yourself with the beauty essentials in your Miss to Mrs bridal boxes.


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Now, you know how important the engaged box is in the scheme of things. Not only will you plan better, but you’ll have fun planning as you move from Miss to Mrs.