How to Order Your Wedding Album – A Step by Step Guide by DKPHOTO

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How to order your Wedding Album – A Step by Step Guide by DKPHOTO

While some may see it as an unnecessary expense, getting to design, hold and enjoy your own wedding album is the post-wedding moment of happiness we all deserve. It is such a special and sentimental item that gives you a window to look back at your big day, and creating your perfect wedding album has never been easier. Keep on reading to discover how to order your wedding album in this step by step guide.


Step One: Decide what style and type of album you would like

It is important that your wedding album suits you and your partner’s taste. Your wedding album will be an important piece of your family history and we really appreciate that having the highest quality materials to create your album is so important for this reason.

Before I get into the various types of album, I wanted to mention my most popular wedding album package that my clients request. It is a wedding album in a bespoke wooden box. You can read more about this style here.

One of the first steps in creating your album is deciding on your style of album. Here are some examples to help you decide which one is right for you.

Photobook / Flush Mount Albums: With this option, you can fit up to approximately 200 photos into the album, but in terms of the best aesthetic design, we highly recommend you choose a maximum of 150 photos to fill 60 pages. With this type of album, your photos are printed onto the pages. This style has definitely been the most popular form of wedding album in recent years, in fact we had our own wedding album printed in this format! For a sneak peek of what you can expect from a photobook/flush mount album, check out my Youtube video here.

Traditional Wedding Album: Another style of wedding album we offer is the traditional style of album where photographs are glued into the album. This would be similar to your parent’s album from many years back. With this option, you would have 80-100 photos present. You can check out what a traditional wedding album looks like in this video.



Step Two: Choose your Wedding Album Cover

It is important to us to have something for every style so we are proud to offer a variety of options when it comes to wedding album covers. Some of our most popular wedding album styles include covers which are bespoke leather, velvet or linen. All three materials are really exquisite and will house your photos beautifully.

Linen wedding album: If you choose to have a linen cover, please note these covers cannot be engraved but you can have your photo on the outside of the album if you wish.

Velvet wedding album: With velvet, you can have your favorite photo on the cover or have it engraved, or both.

Leather wedding album: As with the velvet option, with our leather covers, you can engrave your cover and have a photo on it as well if you choose.

A few more things to consider when choosing which style of wedding album, you would like, is noting that the engravings are made by laser and the text is generally dark as the laser burns the leather during the engraving process. For this reason, I highly recommend having a lighter cover if you want the front engraved as it will look much better once complete. Sometimes, our couples want a dark cover but also to have engraving on it, and it can be hard to see, so please do consider this. I think that in this case, having your favourite photo from the day on your cover is the best option to personalize it.


Step Three: Choose your Favorite Photos

You will have a couple of hundred to look through and enjoy. Breaking these down into your favorites for your album will be difficult though, because you will want to put them all in! But don’t worry too much, the process of choosing your absolute favorite ones is such a fun, and special experience. Choose photos that make your heart extra happy or that truly bring a smile to your face when you see them. It is also nice to include some of the silly ones or the spur of the moment ones that will have captured the essence of your wedding day.

Don’t be afraid to have fun with choosing your favorite photos, they will be even more special and stunning, printed in your beautiful album. When it comes to the process of choosing your photos, we make it so easy for you. You simply scroll through your personal online gallery which I will provide you with a link for and highlight the ones you would like included.

If you have your gallery online with myself I have a short video on how easy this is. But no worries if your images are not stored in my online gallery, you can simply pick your favourite photos yourself and share them with me using DROPBOX or WETRANSFER.



Step Four: Choose your Number of Pages

With a 40-page album, you can fit a maximum of 100 photos or less. Or, if you prefer to add even more photos to yours, we offer a 60-page album where you can fit a maximum of 150 photos or less.

On top of this, you can add additional pages which are €10 per page. Please note though the maximum number of photographs you can add is 180.



Step Five: Album Design and Proofing

Once you have chosen your desired photographs, we get working on designing your album. This is a creative process between you and my wife, and trust me, she is truly the best at creating stunning wedding albums! She creates a proof for you with page numbers so that you can decide on the images chosen, layout etc. and we will make as many changes as you wish, free of charge. We want to ensure you are 100% happy and satisfied with your album before we send it for print so we will always get final approval on the design before we get it printed for you. Changes in design are UNLIMITED!


Step Six: Consider purchasing a Wooden Box for your Album

Your wedding album is a purchase you have made to last for many, many years and so I believe that it is really important to give it a safe home. For €60, you can purchase a handmade, wooden and leather wedding album box that will secure your album and keep it safe from dust, water and anything else it might come into contact with over years to come. Also you can engrave your wedding box!

You can check out our beautiful wedding boxes here.


Step Seven: Consider Additional Wedding Albums

Your wedding day is also a really special day for your loved ones, so why not treat your parents to their own copy of your wedding album! Trust me, a beautiful wedding album is the best Christmas/Birthday gift ever and if you decide to order one as a gift, you can get one Parent album HALF PRICE! Another great gift idea is giving your bridesmaids a smaller wedding album with all your best memories together from the day. If you are interested in album bundles, you can check them out here.

All in all, ordering your wedding album with Wedding Album by DKPHOTO is an easy and fun experience. You are ensuring your photographs and memories are safe by having a physical copy in book format and you are creating something beautiful at the same time. It is important to remember that just having your photographs saved on a USB or a computer is not enough and you can lose these at any time!!!

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For more information on our wedding albums and options, click here, alternatively, do feel free to contact us any time. We would love to help.
Anna and Daniel