Engagement Party Games to Get Your Guests Involved


Throwing an engagement party is a wonderful way to begin the celebrations early! And what’s the best way to get the festivities going? Engagement party games! We’ve made a list of a few games that you can play at your engagement party. All of these are easy to put together, won’t cost a lot of money, and very simple to play. This is a fantastic way to break the ice if you are hosting friends and family who haven’t met each other yet.

How well do you know the Bride and Groom?

Draft a few simple questions about yourself and your OH and get your guests to answer them. These questionnaires can be handed out at the beginning of the engagement party and answered throughout the event. Then, at some point during the festivities, somebody can provide the correct answers and everybody can see how well they know you two!

Not sure which questions to ask? Take a look at this printable questionnaire by Something Turquoise.

Find the guest

Here’s a fun way to get your guests mingling! Create a list of people you’d like each guest to find. This will have everyone chatting and mixing right away.

You can grab a printable version of this game over here on Etsy.

Put a ring on it

Hand out rings (stickers and pegs work well too!) to each guest. Give them a couple of words that they are not allowed to say for the day. This works best when you pick words that people will naturally use in conversation, like “wedding” or “bride”. If someone hears another guest use one of these words, they get to steal that person’s ring.

Source: Party Delights

Bridal Emoji Pictionary

The rules are the same as Pictionary rules, except this time you’re using Emojis! Download this stunning printable from The Knot, hand one to each guest and give them some time to figure out the answers. Towards the end of your engagement party, reveal the answers and give a prize to the person who got the most correct.

Lawn games

Giant Jenga, Connect 4 and the Buzzwire Challenge are just three ideas of fun engagement party games! You can hire any of these from Giant Party Solutions.

The Shoe Game

This is one of those engagement party games that you could also play at the wedding! The couple sits back to back and removes their shoes. Both the bride and groom should exchange shoes so that they each have one shoe belonging to the bride and one belonging to the groom. Then, the person who knows them really well will ask them some fun questions. The answer to each question will be “the bride” or “the groom”. The bride and groom will answer these questions by holding up the shoe belonging to the person who is the correct answer.

Take a look at this blog post for some question ideas!