How to DIY your Day With No Stress Involved!

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We always ask our real Irish brides and grooms if they added any DIY touches to their Big Day, and not surprisingly a huge majority do. For some the process was simple and didn’t cause any drama, for others however, they tried and failed. Today we’re taking a closer look at adding DIY touches to personalise your wedding, what you should never attempt, what we think you should have a bash at, and everything in between.

If a DIY wedding is for you, here’s a helpful list of where to aim your glue gun and when to call in the professionals.

Give it a go

In general decorative items are a good place to start. Table plans, place settings, centrepieces and signs are a great place to start. Once you choose your desired look, sketch your ideas, purchase your bits and pieces and away you go.
Wedding favours such as miniature pots of honey, or hand wrapped candles are ideas you could try your hand at. They can be made and decorated in advance of the big day – no night before wedding production line, please! If you want to go for a perishable option, such as cookies, best delegate this job to someone else.

Pass it to the professionals

We’ve all got a friend with an all singing, all dancing camera, but this does not mean they are an all round great photographer! You’re only going to have this day once in your life so call in the pros for this one! Check out our Local Directory suppliers, a great place to get a head start on who’s out there.
Brides, your wedding day is the one day you can truly splurge on so book that hair stylist and makeup artist! You have probably paid a lot for your wedding dress, so please don’t think you can do the other bits yourself – unless of course you’re a hair stylist or MUA, but really, take the day off! Your hair and makeup have to last all day, you don’t need the fuss of running to the toilets every half hour to fix your droopy updo.

Top DIY Tips

Time: Planning a wedding can be a stressful period for plenty of couples, throw in a DIY do and your blood pressure could really go off kilter! It’s an easy one to remember, not so easy to fulfill – give yourself time for each and every project you want to achieve. Be super organised and make To-Do lists and a timescale, take into account that most things will probably take longer than you imagine and don’t forget to add in back-up time and a Plan B, just in case you have one of those #pinterestfails.

Cost: It’s easy to think by doing certain tasks yourself you will save bucket loads of cash. Not always the case! All those tiny trinkets and craft supplies will add up, so best make sure you’re not actually creating a larger bill just to have it handmade.

Know your limits: Be completely honest with yourself and know what projects are actually achievable. If you work out your strengths and weaknesses you will be able to realistically decide what ideas you can follow through on and what you can out-source to the professionals.

Prioritise: What is on top of your list, the one area you really want to DIY? If time is not on your side, prioritise what jobs are the most loved in your hierarchy, if you run out of time, whatever’s at the bottom will have to be shelved or handed over to the professionals.

Delegate and don’t forget to ask for help: So you have 150 guests coming, that’s 150 handmade favours, this is the one area that many brides forget about, the multiples. Sure the favour might not be overly complicated to make, but you can be sure your patience will be at its limit by the time you get to number 149! Get that bridesmaid production line set up, as they say many hands make light work.

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(Images by Nick Murray via Rock My Wedding)