5 Expert Tips For Your Engagement Shoot

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Some people may think you’re being a little extra by having an engagement shoot, but I’d say it’s kind of a big deal. Those photos signify a beautiful time in your life – those precious few months of being engaged! There are also some fab ways you can use these photos. Your wedding stationery, a gorgeous slideshow at your wedding, engagement party invites, or you could just frame them and display them in your home. Regardless of your reasons for choosing to have an engagement shoot, we’ve got five tips so you get the most out of this experience!

All photos by Bernadette Hayes Photography


Choose your photographer wisely

And by this, I mean, resist the urge to find someone ‘who doesn’t cost an arm and a leg’. One of the biggest benefits of having an engagement shoot is that it’ll help you get comfortable in front of the camera. Most of us don’t have the privilege of being photographed all the time, so you want to start familiarising yourself with this phenomenon before your wedding day. When selecting your photographer for your engagement shoot, I highly recommend choosing the person who you’d like to photograph your wedding day. That way, you’ll be super comfortable with him/her before your wedding day even arrives!


Location location location

An experienced photographer will be able to make you look amazing no matter where the photos are taken. But, you’re going to want to pick a location that has a few cute spots to form the backdrop of your photos. Whether you love the outdoors (think mountains, fields, forests and beaches) or you’re more the indoor type (coffee shops, a beautiful mall, or your own home), the location sets the tone for the photoshoot. Choose something you love that will show off your personality!


Use props to make it fun

Still feel like you’re going to be a little camera shy? Incorporate some simple props into your engagement shoot. Cute teacups, balloons, a game, or even just a lovely bench. If you’ve got something to do, you’re less likely to be thinking ‘What do I do with my hands?’ and more likely to look like the relaxed and happy couple you are!


Neutral colours are a winner

When you choose your outfit, pick something flattering (of course) and neutral. Shades of blue, brown, grey or white are timeless, classic and will complement any backdrop you choose. You want the focus to be on YOU, not your clothing.


Just breathe and relax

Your engagement shoot is meant to be fun, so try not to overthink it. Allow your photographer to direct the shoot and just enjoy being with your partner. The best photos are the natural, unposed ones, in my opinion. If you really want to see your partner smile naturally, take a moment to whisper in his/her ear during the photoshoot. Tell your other half why you chose him/her and let your photographer capture the magic!