Everything You Need To Know About Wedding Invitations And RSVPs

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When you think about your wedding day, you probably picture your nearest and dearest laughing and smiling as they enjoy the day with you. You may think about your beautiful venue and having it filled with everyone you love. Or perhaps you’re thinking about dancing the night away with your friends. Whatever you’re picturing, I guarantee it includes your guests. This is why your wedding invitations are so important – this is how you tell your loved ones you want them at your wedding!

So today we’re breaking it down for you with absolutely everything you need to know about wedding invitations. We’re including RSVPs and websites in the mix too, so you’ve got the full package!


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Wedding Invitation Etiquette

When should you send invitations? Who gets an invitation? What about plus ones? All your wedding invitation etiquette questions answered!

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Save The Dates

You’ve set a date and now it’s time to tell your guests to save the date! We’ve rounded up our favourite save the dates from the best Irish designers.

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What To Include In Your Wedding Invitation

Dress code or no dress code? Directions to the venue? What should you actually include in your wedding invitation? We’ve broken it down for you with a detailed list of everything, along with some helpful wording examples.

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What If You’re Not Inviting Children?

So you’ve decided that you’re having an adult-only wedding, but how do you convey this without offending anyone? We’ve listed expert tips and creative wording ideas for you!

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RSVPs and How to Gather Them

There’s nothing more annoying than following up with everyone, finding out if they’re attending. The key to gathering RSVPs efficiently lies in the information you include in your invitations. Check out our expert tips!

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Your Wedding Website

So you’re having wedding invitations and now you know what information to include, but do you know what to have on your wedding website?

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Wedding Invitations and Covid

With postponements and date changes, you may be worried about all things Covid. We’ve got some amazing tips for you on just how to Covid-proof your wedding invitations.

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Wedding Invitation Design Inspiration

Here’s the fun part: choosing the design and look of your wedding invitations! We’ve rounded up our favourites by Irish stationery designers. The bonus is that there’s something for every wedding style.

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