How to Include Irish Traditions in Your Wedding

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If you’ve grown up or fallen in love in Ireland, you may want to incorporate some of the beautiful Irish traditions into your wedding day. There are lots of special ways you can do that. From your jewellery or colour scheme, to personal touches you add to your ceremony or wedding favours. Take a peek below at the many creative ideas.


Personalised Irish Wedding Goblets

In 17th century Ireland when a young man fell in love with a young woman he carved a goblet to present to her. He lovingly carved the goblet, with two/three captive rings, all from a single piece of wood. These two rings symbolised unity and eternity, while the three rings are said to symbolise the engagement ring, the wedding ring and the eternity ring. At their wedding feast they both drank from the goblet and thereafter kept it in a safe place for, so long as the rings remained unbroken they would love each other for eternity.

Simply picture the faces of your loved ones as they re-live a tradition practiced by our ancestors! Find out more at Magill Woodcraft Ireland.


Traditional Irish Dancers

The drummers and dancers from The Hit Machine will bring your party to the next level! With a striking uniform of black kilts and leather vests, jaw-dropping choreography, Irish Dancing, and audience participation, everyone will love it!


A Celtic Dance Fusion wedding performance is a spectacular Irish dance experience that proves to be a wonderful entertainment addition to one’s Special Day. And with every wedding show, they guarantee to leave the wedding couple and guests speechless and amazed by this fantastic piece of Irish culture. This is Irish dancing at its finest.

Irish Trad Music

For most people, the haunting sound of the Uilleann Pipes and Irish Music are synonymous. Nothing heralds the arrival of the bride quite like the sound of the pipes, which bring a unique and authentic mixture of ancient Irish culture and tradition to your wedding day. This is the mystical, unique and melodic sound that Arundó can bring to your wedding. This talented group of traditional Irish musicians has played at hundreds of weddings throughout Ireland and further afield over the years.

Claddagh Rings

While the origin of Irish Claddagh Rings has long been shrouded in mystery, it is a design synonymous with romance and traditional Ireland. The history of the ring dates back over 300 years. Its origins can be traced back to a small fishing town in Co. Galway. The Irish Claddagh ring has an instantly recognisable design, consisting of two hands, a heart and a crown. The hands signify friendship, the heart symbolizes love, while the crown represents loyalty. Lisa and Paul O’Neill of Boru Jewellery would be happy to chat with you about your own Claddagh rings.

The Irish Horseshoe

The Irish Horseshoe is a symbol of luck and many couples choose to hang one somewhere on their wedding day. It’s important that the horseshoe faces up in a U shape!

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We love how Claire and Gregg chose to incorporate sweet traditions into their wedding day. As wedding favours, they gave each guest shamrock-shaped shortbread, with Baileys and whiskey flavoured fudge. You can read their wedding story here.

A Handfasting Ceremony

This is where the phrase ‘tying the knot’ comes from! In this beautiful Celtic tradition, the couple’s hands are literally tied together. This symbolises the fact that they are joined together.

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Go Green

One of the quickest ways to inject an Irish feel to your wedding is by including the colour green! We’ve seen lovely bridesmaids in green (like the ones below), bold green suits and green decor.

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A Sweet ‘GRÁ’ Stamp

This year’s love and marriage stamp design features the word Love with a love heart sweet where the ‘O’ should be. To add an Irish touch, the word ‘GRÁ’ (Love in Irish) is written on the sweet. Find out more from the team at An Post.