How To Plan Your Honeymoon


With all your wedding day plans on the go, it can be easy to forget about the honeymoon! But don’t fret, we’ve got guest expert and travel counsellor, Sarah Appleton sharing her expert tips on how to plan your honeymoon.


Plan Early

Typically the earlier you book the better value you will get, the best availability/pricing on airfares alongside early booking discounts with the hotels combined with honeymoon offers. 8 – 11 months before you head off on honeymoon would be my recommendation to start planning your honeymoon. (Cruises are the exception and can be booked around 20 months prior, although flights and any pre/post night hotels won’t be available at the best rates until the 11 months prior). Booking ahead is especially important if you have set dates or are travelling inside any of the school holidays.

Check the seasonal weather

There are some places I would definitely rule out during certain times of year, or that are just not viable, but the shoulder seasons can mean fewer crowds and better value and are definitely worth considering. If you have a dream destination that doesn’t suit the time of year immediately after the wedding you wouldn’t be alone in postponing the honeymoon, and it means you have something to look forward to after the excitement of the wedding.



Set a budget

…but be prepared to compromise if needed whether that be on destination, duration of trip, standard or the budget, based on what is most important to you. Also I advise to take into account additional costs and spending money. For example, heading to somewhere all-inclusive means you will have very little to spend on top, if you are comparing pricing against an alternative destination B&B bear in mind you will have activities, food & drink to factor in.

Shout about your honeymoon

Honeymoons are one area of wedding planning where you should get more discounts because it is such a special occasion. Many hotels offer either discounted honeymoon rates, free places or upgrades as well as honeymoon amenities such as bubbles on arrival. Some areas like Indian Ocean, Caribbean, Mexico for example, are better than other parts of the world for this.


Every honeymoon is unique

…and should be tailored around your own preferences and personal wish-list. Try not to worry what other people are doing, where they are going, how long for or what they are spending. What is most important is that the honeymoon is special and memorable for the two of you based on the things you love and that you are super excited for.


Always book insurance at the time of booking

It is one of the things people think they can do last minute before going away, which is fine to cover you for medical emergencies abroad, but it doesn’t take in to account any unforeseen reasons, like illness, where you may have to cancel prior to departure. Honeymoons typically tend to cost more than any other holiday you go on so make sure you are financially covered straight away should the unexpected happen.


Trust an experienced travel agent

A good travel agent will work hard on your behalf to make sure you have, not only an incredible honeymoon, but a good experience from start to finish taking the stress out of the whole process. They should be saving you time and hassle and ensuring you receive recommendations based on your personal wish-list. You should not feel pressured in to booking until you are happy with the whole itinerary and all your questions have been answered.


Do your research

Not all travel agents are equal and you want to make sure you book with someone you trust and have full confidence in. As a fully licensed and bonded travel professional in Ireland, with over 16 year experience in the travel industry, I love putting together tailormade itineraries and I am available to offer you independent advice centred around your dream honeymoon. Travel Counsellors also has a 24/7 duty office on hand in emergency situations and we have fantastic app where you can access your honeymoon at any time and make payments off it as and when you wish. If I can be of any assistance in planning your honeymoon please contact me to arrange an initial phone/zoom consultation.