How To Save For Your Wedding – Without Loosing The Fun!

wedding budget

Once the excitement of your engagement settles and the reality of planning – and paying for – a wedding begins, it’s normal to feel a little overwhelmed. We get it, and hope todays top tips on saving for your wedding, without loosing any of the fun in your life, will help ease any stresses you may be feeling. 

(Images: Precious Memories) 

wedding budget

Without further-ado, here’s how to save for your wedding…

1. Review your monthly expenses such as phone and electric suppliers – are there any suppliers you can swap to with lower costs, these savings can easily go into your wedding pot. 

2. Know what you want! This may sound easy but it’s easy to spend needlessly on things you don’t need or want just because they are the done thing. If it’s not important to you, don’t have it! 

3. Open a shared wedding savings account that is also easily accessed should you need to pay for something urgently. If you are saving each month it’s simple to set up a Standing Order from your accounts to move the money directly. 

4. Be savvy with the guest list and do not feel pressurised to invite people just because a parent/friend says you should. 

5. Shop around for the best packages – most venues will offer decor and extras within their packages. 

6. Be realistic about how much you can save. If you plan to save €5000 for a wedding in one years time, you’ll need to save around €400 a month – get pen and paper out and work out what you can really afford. 

7. Decide early on what areas of your life you’d happily sacrifice in the run up to your wedding. Every couple may be different, whether it’s holidays, your monthly mani, takeaway coffees etc. 

8. Don’t remove all the fun parts from your life – be sensible and remember you need to live happily whilst planning your wedding. 

9. Be realistic with your time – as in point 6, working out realistically what you can save a month will give you the actual answer to your wedding planning timeline. 

10. Keep all communication open and flowing throughout the planning process. We know it can get very stressful and overwhelming – get yourself to the top of the aisle in style and with your sanity! 

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