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In-depth survey reveals how Covid-19 has affected Irish weddings

Shot taken by David Moore Photography at Knightsbrook Hotel, Trim

weddingsonline surveyed over 600 couples currently planning their weddings to find out the impact that the Covid-19 pandemic has had on their wedding planning.

The key takeaways from the results are:
  • The vast majority of couples whose wedding has been affected by Covid postponed their wedding (88%). Only 2% cancelled altogether.
  • Only 1% of couples postponed or cancelled their wedding due to financial reasons (e.g. reduced income). The vast majority changed their plans to avoid social distancing at their wedding.
  • There are still many 2020 weddings scheduled. A third of couples who postponed kept their date in 2020. Nearly all others moved it into 2021, very few moved their wedding into 2022.
  • “Light Weddings” are not popular. 78% of couples decided not to cut any part of their wedding.
  • 49% of couples had to find new suppliers for their postponed wedding. Mostly due to unavailability on the new date.
  • Couples love their venues. 93% of those who postponed did not change their venue.
  • Two thirds of couples are not willing to cut their guest list.
  • 75% of couples say their honeymoon plans have been affected. The majority decided to postpone their honeymoon. Many will mini-moon in Ireland and go abroad later.
  • 51% of couples disapprove of the way the government has handled the process of easing restrictions. Only 24% of couples approve it.

Please see full survey results below (sample size 621 couples):

Has your wedding been affected by Covid-19?


If your wedding is affected by Covid-19, when was it / or is it meant to be?


Do you think the Government is handling the easing of restrictions for weddings well?


Did you postpone or cancel your wedding?


If you cancelled your wedding, (altogether with no plans for a new date yet) , why?



If you postponed your wedding, when is the new date?




If you postponed your wedding, what was the main reason?



If you have postponed your wedding, will you now add extra services to the wedding such as a Live Video Stream of the wedding?


Did you have to change your wedding venue?



Did you have to change wedding suppliers due to unavailability on your new date?



Will you invite less guests to your wedding?


Will you move the day of the week that you will be getting married on?



Why will you move the day of the week you will be getting married on?


Did you cut out certain parts of the wedding and go for a “light wedding”?


If the Government clarifies the figures for small weddings in July and larger from August, will you go ahead with your wedding as originally planned?


Did Covid-19 affect your honeymoon plans?


If Covid-19 did affect your honeymoon plans, have you decided to…



What one thing has a wedding supplier or your wedding venue done to make the Covid-19 situation easier for you?


The vast majority of couples have been overwhelmed with the kindness, help and flexibility shown by their venues and suppliers.
Here are some quotes from couples:

  •  “The venue and suppliers were beyond helpful and offered support, advice and were so accommodating”
  • “Wedding planner in hotel has gone above and beyond for us. Constant communication and reassurance”
  • “All went above and beyond. They were all fantastic. So understanding and accommodating”
  • “Cannot praise them all enough. Rescheduling is been so easy and focus is now on our new date. No drama, no fuss. All very straight forward process.”
  • “Venue and most of my wedding suppliers have emailed or phoned us to check in on us, and provide clear communication. We felt very supported by our wedding suppliers and wedding venue.”


Any questions or queries, or you would like to know how weddingsonline can help your business grow, please contact:

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