Lisa Cannon’s Romantic Trip to The Seychelles


Hello Everyone…….If you have been following me on any of my social media outlets then you might have noticed that I jetted away for nearly 3 weeks of absolute paradise. Even though I’ve spent most of my career in the limelight there’s nothing I enjoy more then jetting away putting my phone down and just living in the moment something I feel we are starting to do less and less. Myself and Richard started to throw some ideas of where we wanted to go for a while which would be exactly that quiet but when we really thought about it we decided to treat ourselves and jet back to Seychelles where we spent our honeymoon which was one of the most magical experiences of my life, honestly from my wedding day to the end of the honeymoon is was just such whirlwind of happiness that we thought why not relive that magical experience once more… but when you think of the Seychelles… I hope you imagine the aching beauty of the beaches, coupled with tropical lush surroundings and a soft breeze in the warm sunshine shaded by a coconut tree… I hope Paradise springs to mind? This is exactly what awaits you in this undeniably special A-list hot-spot. Celebrities such as George Clooney and Amal, Kate and William, Salma Hayek, Paul McCartney and Jude Law have all frequented the Seychelles so here are some of the top three road-tested resorts by me to make you feel like a movie-star! So, if that’s on your life-long travel bucket list then buckle up, ’cause you’re coming …. To Paradise!



So let’s be real for a minute here, I hear a lot of people saying that the holiday starts the minute you step foot into the airport and yes that’s partly true. We started the holidays off officially with our flight with Turkish Airlines who are fantastic, this is my second time flying with the airline and it was even better than I remembered which when boarded as Business Class it was simply luxury all the way and its affordable a lot less than some of the other airlines which if the budget stretches for a Honeymoon or a special occasion might I add is a full holiday in its self, I didn’t even feel like I was on a flight. Each passenger in Business Class is seated to a very roomy seat, which on a flight is like striking gold I could even lie back in my seat without feeling guilty and enjoying the varied Turkish delights that were on offer. I’m pretty sure every time Richard looked over at me I was sprawled out watching movie after movie while tucking into all the delicacies the kind and attentive air hostess’ were constantly bringing. The Turkish airlines flight was so easy & we had a quick stopover in Istanbul which reminds me to put Istanbul on my travel wishlist. After just over fifteen hours of traveling we arrived and boy oh boy nothing in this world feels better than coming off a plane and feeling the sun on your face, It’s always a highlight.



Turkish Airlines fly direct to Mahe which is where our adventure began in the Four Seasons which is a twenty five minute journey from the airport ideal especially when you have just come off a fifteen hour flight. The Four Seasons Mahe is literal perfection and 1 its nestled on a beach which is one of the most breathtaking beaches I’ve ever seen, its lush with mountains of stunning flora and fauna. It looks like it should be the backdrop to Jurassic Park! With cold towels on arrival and a welcome cocktail to hand, you really should enjoy the beauty of this resort but not before you lock your jet-lagged eyes on one of the best suites money can buy. The suites are stunning & enormous and beautifully appointed with total privacy. You’ll feel like movie stars for the few days equipped with flat-screen TVs, your own fully stocked bar, outdoor rain showers outside from the infinity pool and ample bar, sitting room and relaxation areas, If after the flight you fancied lunch why not avail of a mouth-watering lunch of steak and fresh creole cuisine and afterward catch up on some well- earned zzzz’s… Bliss.



First Up head to the Four Seasons Mahe you will be picked up from the jetty of the Four Seasons and driven to the hotel which is ST-U-U-UNING…there are tiny treehouses perched up on a height cut into the beautiful rocks on the cliff face. It’s like a little sleek sanctuary overlooking the Indian Ocean complete with lush vegetation surrounding you, a few bats swooping in the distance( honestly only cute fruit bats and make it SO cool) plus again your own pool. What is so great about the Seychelles is the total privacy, that’s what you pay for is the exclusivity and it’s so lovely to even have that for each other once in a lifetime especially on the most important holiday for you both if its a honeymoon or simply a special occasion. There is much to photograph too from the plants to the flowers and unreal coastline. The bay/ alcove Petite Anse beach surrounded by the rocks is one of the most beautiful sights in the world. You’ll check into their breath-taking Ocean View Villa which has panoramic views of the Indian Ocean, a little deck area for sunbathing a private pool and an enormous sunken tub. On arrival expect a beautifully iced chocolate cake with ‘Happy Honeymoon’ on it and a bottle of champagne – a lovely touch!



The Villa is big beautiful cosy and charming so you may spend time there simply sunbathing, listening to music in your big tub and playing in the pool, you are on such a height that getting a buggy down meant you could take in all the sights of the palatial place on route to the beach. Dining at their ZEZ their ultra-modern restaurant overlooking the bay is incredible for breakfast from dumplings to banana cake and even oysters if you fancied it! The couple’s massage is a unique experience, it’s centered around your wellbeing and juxtaposed with eastern medicine with your date of birth and star sign. It is fascinating. Afterwards, enjoy their little cinnamon drink at the hilltop and gaze into the sunset and following that you will be given lunch according to which matches your star sign and chakra. Very unique! pure paradise, even for just a brief moment…..



So.. after having your movie star moment sadly it will be a very tearful goodbye to the Four Seasons Mahe before you jump on your seaplane to the next island…. home for another 4/5 days ‘Desroches Island’… Desroches, one of the most truly beautiful natural destinations was on the MUST do list. When you step off the seaplane onto the dusty runway( just to give you logistics the island is only 6km long and 1 Km wide) it’s like your own Robinson Crusoe experience, and you’ll be in heaven. All the staff will wave you in while the plane is landing (it’s sweet) and on arrival, you’re handed little cold towels and refreshments. It is so peaceful there, with simply a gentle breeze and the freedom of 2 sheer beauty. So, after settling in after your long snooze under the big four-poster bed it is time to eat and Desroches has some of the nicest food you can think of. Because the island is the size of a peanut, all the food is flown in and freshly prepared by all their talented chefs so you’re afforded the best of the best. On the first night enjoy some cocktails and soak up the atmosphere in their pretty bar underneath the stars. The beauty about having the time here is that it’s so remote ( it’s a 45 min seaplane ride from Mahe) and between the main restaurant and the lighthouse you really can unwind. It’s like hanging out with friends and the dress sense is very casual although it’s very high end (Kate and William stayed there no less) it’s a flip flop and shorts place, NO heels required and only a screed of makeup for the night. Make sure you avail of the bikes and cycle everywhere on the island on the little dirt track roads and treks, it’s stunning.



Exploring the island by foot is so easy you can do it in a few hours but be careful as you’ll be sure to run the gauntlet many times with the near misses of coconuts falling on your head! Many of your days will be spent exploring all the nooks and crannies of the island from diving to game fishing & Snorkelling to simply sitting by the pool and relaxing or do some yoga as I did..or if you’d like to treat yourself to a Spa treatment head to ‘Escape’ and just relish in the simplicity of the surroundings and afterward enjoy delicious local foods by candlelight on the beach. Desroches staff are always trying to make your holiday special from having your pool lit up when you return with Moet on ice to chocolates on your pillow. Nothing no request is too big or too small. They say nobody leaves Desroches without some tears so expect to shed a few… but you won’t be crying for long when you see what’s up next…it was unreal….



Six Sense Zil Pasyon, which is like straight out of a James Bond movie it is simply FANTASTIC one of the coolest resorts you’ll ever visit and like in the movies as a Bond Villian you can to get to the island via helicopter or speedboat! The Six Senses is for the person who means business and is strictly for the celebrity in you. The Villas are simply incredible and with everything from private butler to Marshall stereos and swings in the bathroom overlooking the infinity pool, it is definitive when it comes to rock star luxury. Many celebrities holiday here and don’t be surprised if you bump into Donatella Versace who is known to stay for months at a time! The private villa itself has the works marble bathrooms, stunning interiors to reflect the environment and classy furnishings that will make you wish you lived here permanently!



Why not avail of the nature and take long walks on the private beach, swing in the hammocks, watch a movie al fresco, or even grab the hotel snorkel gear and have a snoop around the shallow waters. Six Senses is simply breath-taking, the crystal clear blue waters and palm trees, make it effortless. If you’re looking for something special in the resort then perhaps check out their signature restaurant which is by the sea and the local fish is one of the nicest I’ve ever had. This is one of the most Instagramable Hotels around. I stopped every ten metres to take a photo of the incredible scenery like at some points I had to reach my hand out to make sure it was real because it was so perfect and beautiful it looked painted on. One thing that really blows me away on this stay was the amazing service provided by the team at the hotel, I mean they literally waited on us hand and foot and did everything in their power to make this the most memorable trip of our lives….and it 100% worked. The next day we revived our souls with a hike to explore the island. Six Senses Zil Pasyon is very lush and rocky so in the humidity, the guide will 3 pack bottled water and towels. It’s fascinating to explore and understand the plant life, marine life and vegetation surrounding the hotel. It really is a sight to behold. If your looking for some serious Spa time look no further than the Banyan Tree which is in Mahe. I stayed in the Banyan Penthouse Suite which is like a house itself and we indulged in the incredible Spa that the Banyan Tree is famous for. Nestled between ancient rocks and lush tropical forest is their award-winning Spa and what couples massage isn’t perfect for newly-weds in their private treatment suites. You will be eased into a lull of cloud 9 with a treatment like this and they definitely nailed it! Between the sugar scrub, the relaxing music you will finally start to drift off into Honeymoon and holiday mode. So, after you float out of the couples massage, you’ll need some real Seychelles food and you can have flavours from all over the world; however first stop has to be their signature creole restaurant. The food is beyond de-licious! You’ll tucking into all the delights from the locals to delicacy’s, gumbo and mango salads to catch of the day.. polish it all off with a homemade Chocolate Cake and then on return to the Villa which if you request a ‘romantic’ night in will be ablaze with candles and rose petals to make it perfect!



Exploring wildlife, swimming with sea life, drawing in the sand, hammocks and indulging in all that the other side of the world has to offer is all part of the incredible Honeymoon or Holiday experience so enjoy every element of it – you open new doors for another enriching experience when you travel to somewhere like the Seychelles and a Honeymoon so diverse and special such as this will give you the happiest feeling in the world and in spades and more again. It was pure paradise, even for just a brief moment…..




Six Senses Zil Pasyon

Four Seasons Mahe and Desroches

Banyan Tree Mahe

Turkish Airlines


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