One Week Before the Wedding Checklist

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As the wedding date draws nearer, you’ll be asking yourself ‘have I forgotten anything important?’ One look below, and you’ll have the answer. It’s our free and downloadable one week before the wedding checklist – designed to help you get organised in the most efficient way possible.

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One Week Before the Wedding Checklist

We’ll make sure you don’t forget a thing before you say ‘I do’!

7 days before

• Wrap up all DIY. If you haven’t done it by now, or it involves large numbers, feel free to leave it – your wedding will be fine without it. If you have one thing to make – like your table plan or bouquet – do it today

• Pick up the dress, if you haven’t already done so. If you’re having a final fitting, bring your mum or chief bridesmaid with you so they can see how to button or lace you into it properly

• Start drinking water every day, if you haven’t done it so far – 7 days is enough to see a difference. Avoid carbonated liquids, they cause serious bloat. Same goes for salty foods and carbs

• Confirm with the guests who haven’t returned RSVPs whether they’ll be attending or not

• Give venue and caterers the final guest numbers

• Colour your hair and have all beauty treatments – tanning, waxing, tinting, eyebrow shaping, etc. When tanning, remember to avoid socks and bra straps. Stay away from the sun as much as possible

• If you haven’t yet paid all the suppliers, schedule online payments or prepare envelopes

• Confirm all services and delivery times with outside suppliers – like arrival of cake, flowers, transport, ice cream van, photobooth, etc. Give them the number of your contact person, in case of any hiccups

• Give a list of supplier names and contacts to your assigned person – they’ll be the ones doing the calling should someone be running late

• Prepare gifts to be given to parents and/or wedding party

6 days before

• If you’re preparing a basket of toiletries for the guests, do it now

• Have your rehearsal – although this could happen any time during this week. Avoid having it the day before the wedding, or you’ll be overwhelmed

• Know the location of the wedding rings, passports and everything for the honeymoon

• Finalise timings for the day with your venue coordinator or wedding planner. Draw up a plan for the day, and print or email extra copies for the bridal party, your partner, and the parents

• If you’ve written your own vows or a speech, do a final read-through today, and make sure your other half does the same. You still have a few days for rewrites if you want to change something

• Make sure everyone who’s doing a reading at the ceremony, or speeches at the reception, is ready and knows when to take their turn

• Send the playlist to the DJ, don’t forget to include the songs you don’t want played

5 days before

• Put together the wedding emergency kit

• Avoid all untried beauty treatments – stick to what you know. You can, however, ask your hair stylist if you could do an anti-frizz treatment, in case your hair is prone to it.

• Pick up foreign currency for the honeymoon

• Call your hair stylist and make-up artist to confirm their arrival times for the morning of the wedding

• Prepare your ‘something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue’

4 days before

• Choose a person to collect all your wedding gifts after the ceremony and transport them to a safe place. If you’re staying overnight at the venue, arrange to have them taken to your suite

• Update your wedding website, if you have one

• Prepare a memorial to loved ones who can’t attend your wedding (like candles, pictures or lanterns)

3 days before

• Pack for honeymoon, even if you’re leaving a few days after the wedding

• Make sure the groom collects the suits, if he hasn’t done so already. He should check that all accessories are included

• Arrange something lovely to do with your other half, just the two of you – dinner and movie, walk in the countryside, or just a quiet evening at home with phones switched off

• Give the ceremony booklets to the person who’ll be in charge of handing them out to the guests

• Give your dress a final once-over, for loose threads or beads, etc. On the wedding day itself, there may not be much time

2 days before

• Pack an overnight bag if you’re staying anywhere else but at home. Make sure you include an outfit to wear the day after the wedding

• Have a manicure and pedicure

• If possible, have a massage or a luxurious bubble bath – it’ll give you a lovely glow, and some much-needed ‘me’ time

• Have a final walk in your wedding shoes, to give them that last stretch

• Ask your other half to check that all the groomsmen have their accessories – cufflinks, socks, ties, etc.

• Pack all the things to take to the venue tomorrow (see next day’s checklist) – and don’t forget the guestbook and pens!

1 day before

• Drop off all wedding décor, place cards, favours, props, table plan, etc, at the venue. Double-check it’s the latest version of the table plan

• Make sure everyone knows what time to arrive/wake-up for breakfast, wedding prep, ceremony arrival, etc

• Check bridesmaid arrangements one more time. If they’re all staying with you, make sure all the dresses, shoes, accessories, etc., are ready. If they’re not staying with you, confirm again they know arrival times, and to be fully ready to get in the car at an appointed time

• Give rings to the best man, along with money envelopes for suppliers, if you haven’t paid them yet

• Check the weather forecast

• Confirm the arrival time for your transport once more

• Give the emergency kit to the assigned person

• If you’re leaving for the honeymoon the very next day, have your luggage completely ready, including tickets, passports and currency

• Wash your hair

• Go easy on the workouts to avoid sore muscles and fatigue

• Prepare your other half’s gift to give to them tomorrow

• Give your other half a hug and a kiss – tomorrow will be fantastic!

• Relax

• Get all the sleep you can

Today’s the day!

• It’s here! Enjoy every single minute!

Main image from Cormac & Linda’s real wedding by Julie Cummins Photography