Packing Checklist for Bridesmaids

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There are many things a bridesmaid will say on her best friend’s wedding day. I’m so happy for you! You look beautiful! Thank you for choosing me as your bridesmaid! And of course, Yes, I’ll hold your dress in the toilet! But there are a few things a bridesmaid should never say. One of these is I forgot something! Cue panic and maybe even tears.

But worry not, dear ladies! We’ve prepared a fail-proof packing checklist for bridesmaids. It contains all the things you should bring with you (if applicable), as well as a few emergency essentials you may need on the day. We’ve applied our tried-and-trusted approach we like to call ‘head to toe’. Basically, you start thinking from the top of your head to your feet, and pack accordingly. Voila! No more forgetting! Remember to buy as many things as you can in travel size – they’re less expensive and take up far less room.

Bookmark this page, save it or download this packing checklist for bridesmaids as you wish – and enjoy a worry free wedding day!

To pack for an overnight stay before the wedding:

• towel
• slippers
• pyjamas
• your usual face creams and beauty creams
• contact lenses and solution, or glasses and case
• nail clippers, nail file, polish and polish remover
• lip balm
• toothbrush and toothpaste
• shower gel
• razor for legs/underarms
• deodorant
• hair brush/comb
• makeup remover
• cotton pads
• tampons
• shower cap
• a magazine or a book (in case there’s waiting)
• sleeping pills (just in case)
• any meds you’re taking
• zip-up top – easy to take off after your hair is done
• your bridesmaid dress
• bridesmaid accessories – jewellery, hair ornaments, bag, shoes, etc
• perfume
• comfortable underwear for the wedding day
• extra tights
• comfortable underwear for the day after
• a change of clothes for the day after
• shoes for the day after (and insoles if needed)
• socks
• lint roller
• mini sewing kit
• phone and charger
• headphones
• camera, back-up batteries and memory cards (if you’re taking photos the traditional way)
• wallet with cash and bank card
• bottle of water
• a small snack – a cereal bar or similar
• anything the bride has entrusted you with – like a supplier telephone list
• pen
• umbrella if rain is forecast
• sunglasses
• sunscreen

To take to the wedding:

Some of the items below will go in your purse – like makeup for touch-ups, chewing gum, headache pills, plasters, and tissues. The rest can go in a separate discreet cosmetic bag, which you can give to someone to hold during the ceremony, and hide away under the table at the reception.

• phone and charger
• camera, back-up batteries and memory cards (if you’re taking photos the traditional way)
• cash and bank or credit card
• tissues – at least two packets
• face powder or oil-blotting wipes
• travel-size antibacterial hand gel and hand cream
• travel-size hairspray
• lipstick for touch-ups
• face powder
• mascara, especially if the one you’re wearing isn’t cry-proof
• toothpick or floss
• chewing gum or mints
• headache pills
• tummy ache pills
• clear nail polish (for nails and also runs in stockings)
• hair grips
• hair elastics
• compact mirror
• deodorant
• plasters
• safety pins

If you need any more advice on packing for the wedding day, just let us know in the comments below!

Main image from Lauren & Michael’s real wedding by Michelle Prunty Photography