The Ultimate Packing Checklist for Brides

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If you’re on the final stretch, this little (or not so little) list should come in handy! If you’re getting married in a hotel or venue and won’t be getting ready from home, there’s quite a few bits you’ll need to remember for the day itself and of course Day 2 if you’re keeping the party going. We’ve had a lot of brides ask about a packing checklist over on our HIGM Facebook group so we’re making life easy and have put together the ultimate packing checklist for brides with quite literally everything you might need to bring with you (it looks scary but you’ll find you probably won’t need some/a lot of the below so skip accordingly)! It’s best to give yourself a good bit of time to get this lot together – we’ve included everything but the kitchen sink, again not all of the below will apply to you so cross off whatever you won’t be needing. And if you’re looking to save on space, go travel size so you’re not lugging half your bathroom cabinet with you. Brides, here’s what you need to remember to pack if you’re heading to the venue the night before!

Wedding day essentials…

  • your wedding dress
  • wedding shoes (and pumps/flip flops if you’re going to change them later on)
  • insoles if you need them
  • I do Stickers for shoes and any other fun wedding buys you’ve picked up such as getting ready sign, ring dish etc.
  • wedding underwear (don’t forget the likes of tape etc.)
  • garter (if you’re wearing one)
  • jewellery & accessories – veil, headpiece, bag, earrings, necklace, etc.
  • your something blue if you’re doing this (and same goes for old, borrowed and new)
  • perfume
  • wedding dress hanger
  • PJs/robe for wedding morning
  • slippers/flip flops for wedding morning
  • gifts for your parents/bridesmaids/bride/groom
  • anything you want photographed such as wedding invite/map, countdown sign, a special card or gift someone gave you
  • Bubbly & glasses
  • Speakers/iPod/Laptop for your wedding morning playlist
  • timetable for your day (if you made one with slots for hair, makeup etc.)
  • wedding emergency kit (check out what to include here)

*Don’t forget anything you’ll need for the venue/Big Day itself such as bathroom baskets, favours etc. if you’re dropping them off at the same time!


For your stay…

  • slippers/socks
  • pyjamas/robe
  • toiletries such as your face creams, lotions, face mask, shampoo, dry shampoo, shower gel, hairspray etc.
  • makeup (and anything you’ll need for touch ups and Day 2)
  • glasses and case or contact lenses and solution
  • nail clippers, nail file, nail polish and nail polish remover
  • lip balm
  • toothbrush and toothpaste, mouthwash, dental floss
  • hair band/bobbin
  • razor
  • deodorant
  • hair brush/comb/compact mirror
  • makeup remover & cotton pads
  • tampons
  • shower cap
  • a book/mag to relax with
  • any meds you’re taking
  • phone and charger
  • camera, back-up batteries and memory cards
  • cash and bank or credit card
  • tissues or hankie


Day 2 essentials…

  • day after dress/outfit (and something to wear during the day if it’s just an evening bash you’re having)
  • shoes for day 2
  • underwear
  • jewellery/hair accessories


Extras you might like to include

  • mints/chewing gum
  • lint roller
  • mini sewing kit
  • bottle of water
  • snacks
  • supplier telephone list
  • pen
  • umbrella
  • sunglasses
  • sunscreen
  • headache tablets
  • tummy ache tablets
  • plasters

Photo from Louise & Brendan’s real wedding by Jialin Long Photography