Should Bridesmaids Match Or Not? These Are Your Options

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While shopping for your girls, you may have asked the question: should bridesmaids match or not? With all the options available to you, it’s no surprise that decision fatigue has set in!

Take a look at these gorgeous bridesmaid ensembles with various options to mix and match! Being able to see what real life wedding parties look like will help you to choose the option that best suits your wedding aesthetic.

Hint: choose what works best for you!


Same dresses, same colour

This classic look is where all the bridesmaids wear the same dress in the same colour.

Expert tip: Select a style that is flattering on all body types, just like Nicole did with her gorgeous girls in green.

Nicole’s bridesmaids wore a sage green slinky silk dress with small straps and a slit up one leg. They were ballet length so it was perfect for the summer.

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John Delaney Photography


Same style, different colours

Another idea is to bring your wedding colours to life with dresses that are in the same style but in different colours.

Danielle’s bridesmaids chose their own dresses and dress colours within the mauve family (both from David’s Bridal in the USA).

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Alex Zarodov Photography


Different dresses, same colour palette

If monotone is your thing, you could spice up your bridesmaids’ look by getting them to wear completely different dresses but all from the same colour colour palette. Just look at these beauties in shades of blush pink!

Emily says: “The 3 bridemaids and 3 flower girls wore mismatched dresses but all in a blush pink. The bridesmaids chose what they wore and Emily picked up the flower girls dresses in TK Max.”

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Keith Gordon Wedding Photography


Different dresses, same colour

Or you could opt for dresses with a totally different style but all in the exact same colour. Stella’s bridesmaids’ dresses all had the same style in the same colour but the top half of each dress was unique.

Stella’s bridesmaids wore sage green dresses of their choosing. They were all the same colour but each dress was a different style. Each of the girls chose what hairstyle they wanted to have and what makeup they preferred along with whatever shoes they wanted to wear.

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Similar style, clear colour palette

For a really unique bridal ensemble, have all your girls stick to a similar (but very fun) colour palette and allow them to buy whatever dress they want to. The blue and green tones in Sonia’s bridesmaids’ dresses is simply magical.

Sonia says: “I had six bridesmaids, my two sisters (who were head bridesmaids) were in a matching bluebell coloured TFNC tall dresses from Asos, and the other girls chose their own dresses to suit their style and shape. I just asked them to get something in either light green or blue, and as it so happens we had three in each colour which worked beautifully. I also gave each of them a gift of a silver pashmina to tie their outfits together and keep them warm! They all had their hair styled, with thistles, gypsophila and roses added, so that tied their outfits together further.”

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Completely different dresses, total mix and match

For a very relaxed, yet still elegant look, your bridesmaids can buy whatever dress they want to, regardless of style and colour.

Expert tip: Provide some guidance so the girls look like they go together (ie long, formal dresses or short and casual).

Rachel says: “I let my bridesmaids all choose their own dresses/looks as they are all so different and I did not want to impose a set look on them. I would rather they were happy and comfortable, as that would make me happy. Once the first one picked her dress, the other two chose ones that complimented each other. They all wore embellished dresses, one in nude, one in pale grey/blue and one in rose gold pink. They were all different styles.”

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