Super Cute Ways To Add A Personal Touch To Your Wedding


If you’re in the mood to host a wedding that feels uniquely you, then these ideas are perfect! There are plenty of super cute ways to add a personal touch to your wedding and I’m here to share a few of my favourites.

A personal touch might be your unique way of doing something (like cutting the cake after the ceremony, which is something I did), a cute way of displaying your names or initials, or a sweet way to get your guests involved in the festivities. Take a peek at some of my favourite ways to add a personal touch to your wedding day.


Begin with a personal touch

Before you even get to your wedding day, why not send your guests a wedding invitation or Save The Date with a personal touch included? I just love these beer mats that are functional, super cute and have a lovely personal element to them.

Available at:


Get creative with your ceremony music

One really fun way you can add a personal touch to your wedding is with music! There are so many really great ways to do that, so I asked the award-winning Olivia Romeo to share some creative ideas with us. She suggested that you pick your favourite music, because this enhances the ceremony. In fact, why not consider a mashup of all your favourite songs, no matter how obscure they may be? Another fabulous idea is to use a song from a loved one’s ceremony as your Something Old.

Listen now: How To Personalise Your Wedding Ceremony


Personalise your wedding car’s number plate

Another super cute way to add a personal touch to your wedding is with these personalised number plates, with your names and wedding date on them! Bonus: you get to keep them, so they serve as a lovely keepsake.

Available at: Occasion Cars


Mix up the seating arrangement

There are plenty of ways to get creative with the way your guests are seated, at your ceremony or reception. I’m a big fan of changing things up, especially if the result is a fabulous new way for guests to engage in your ceremony. As a shortie who is often sitting behind tall people with big hats, I quite like the idea of a unique ceremony seating plan. Station House Hotel’s layout is really functional and it looks super cute too – just look at how the angle will make it easier for more guests to watch you exchange vows! Bonus: the setting is really pretty too.

Pictured: Station House Hotel


See your wedding from your guests’ perspective

Sure, you’ll already have your professional wedding photographer capturing the official shots, but it’s always an extra treat to see things from the perspective of your nearest and dearest. Find creative ways to get them to capture your wedding and upload their photos so you can see them too!

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Create a wedding slideshow

A wedding slideshow is a beautiful way of telling your love story, with cute love quotes and romantic music.

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A special piece of wedding day art

Collaborate with a talented artist who will capture your story in a fine art oil painting. This is a unique way of sharing your wedding day memories in your home! This piece of art is timeless, personal and totally unique.

Available at: Wedding Art


Switch up your guest book

If you are on the hunt for a memorable and out-of-the-ordinary wedding guest book, then you’ve found it! I am obsessed with the latest wedding trend: audio guest books. This super inventive and creative guest book alternative is unique, exciting and will add to the fun day you’ve got planned.

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