These Photos Will Make You Want a Christmas Wedding

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Call us controversial but despite the fact that it’s not even December yet, we are getting into the Christmas spirit. When it comes to a Christmas wedding, there are some pretty spectacular photos which show off why this jolly season is one of our faves. Think of cosy candlelit wedding feasts, long sleeved wedding dresses, beautiful red bouquets, snow, and best of all, the lights. Oh, the lights! If you’ve never considered a Christmas wedding, we think these photos might just change your mind!


Magical Memories


Susan Jefferies Photography


Stefano Ferrier Photography


AK Photography


Ian Moore




Nicola Reddy Photography


Alex Zarodov Photography


Golden Moments


The Fennells


Meath Wedding Photography


Massafelli Photography


David McAuley Photography


SkyMammy Wedding Photography


Andrea Peon Photography


Alan Roche Photography


Finn Mooney Photography


Couple Photography