Wedding Table Shapes – Everything You Need To Know

Planning & Advice

Once you’ve selected your wedding venue, your next task is to consider how you can bring everything together beautifully. This is where wedding table shapes come in!

You may be asking yourself:

  • Who is going to sit where?
  • How many tables can we fit in our venue?
  • How many people can fit at each table?

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Round Tables

How many people can you fit around a round table? 2-4 (36″), 4-6 people (48″), 8 people (60″) or 10 people (72″).

Round tables fit in with almost any wedding reception style. They perfectly suit an outdoor party in a marquee as well as a sophisticated gathering at a hotel.


Rectangular Tables

How many people can you fit around a rectangular table? You can fit 10 people around an oversized 4×8″ table (four on each side and one on each end).

Rectangular tables provide ample space for glasses, crockery and flower arrangements.


Square Tables

How many people can you fit around a square table? Standard square table dimensions are 3×3″ (4 people), 4×4″ (8 people) or 5×5″ (12 people).

Like round tables, square tables fit in with any reception space and are best suited to intimate weddings. The downside is that there isn’t a lot of space for glassware, crockery and flowers.


Banquet Tables

How many people can you fit at a banquet table? Using standard rectangular tables (4×8″), you can fit four people on each side. Based on the space, you could push these tables together, so your guest size will be determined by the length of your wedding venue and how many tables it can accommodate.

Banquet tables are a perfectionist’s dream when you’re able to line everything up perfectly. They fit in beautifully with a micro wedding or a large wedding with a ‘family style’ atmosphere.


Sweetheart Table

Whether round, square or even rectangular, a sweetheart table is a beautiful spot for the happy couple to enjoy alone!

With so much going on throughout the day, a sweetheart table presents an opportunity to enjoy uninterrupted time together during the meal.


Head Table

A head table is usually reserved for the couple and their VIPs. Who you invite to join you at this table is entirely up to you! It could be both sets of parents, or you could extend the invitation to your Best Man and Maid of Honour.

The beauty of a head table is that you get to share the festivities with your VIPs and honour them for the roles they’ve played in your life.