Wedding Wednesdays: Mistakes Couples Make While Wedding Planning [Episode Five]


With so much to think about while planning a wedding, it’s no wonder couples make a few blunders along the way. We’ve identified a few common mistakes couples make while wedding planning! In this week’s episode, we’ve listed these mistakes and we’re sharing how to avoid them. Plan your wedding like a pro with this expert advice! You’ll thank us later!


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Episode Breakdown

These are the 9 common mistakes couples make while wedding planning:


Mistake #1: Ignoring your budget

It’s easy to feel stressed when you don’t have a handle on how much you’ve spent, what you’ve got left and where funds should be allocated.

Listen to Episode 3 of the podcast for everything you need to know about creating and sticking to your wedding budget.


Mistake #2: Forgetting the shortcuts

Don’t reinvent the wheel if you can make the most of systems and checklists that someone else has created for you!

>> The Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist <<


Mistake #3: Messing up the legal bit

Your wedding is a celebration of love, but the legal part is arguably the most important part! This is the legal part where you are tying the knot and becoming a married couple. Don’t leave it to the last minute.


Mistake #4: Spending your fashion budget on just the dress

Don’t forget to include all the necessities that go alone with your dress:

Shoes, underwear, your veil, jewellery, a headpiece if that’s what you’re after. And don’t forget about alterations!


Mistake #5: Waiting till the last minute to think about music

We got expert advice from Colin Fahy, an amazing wedding singer:

Do your research! Get your set lists from your singer and band then pick your favourites. Don’t forget to check with your priest to see which songs are permitted.

Music sets the tone for the day and helps to create memories, so don’t wait till the last minute to think about your music choices.


Mistake #6: Doing it alone

Sure, you’ve got your Other Half and your besties, but there’s something very special about sharing your journey with other engaged couples. Join our community where you’ll find expert advice, amazing suppliers, recommendations and inspiration.

>> Join the Community <<


Mistake #7: Mistiming your save the dates and invitations

There’s a real art to knowing when to send your save the dates and invitations. Send them too late and you aren’t giving your guests enough time to respond. Send them too soon and people may forget to RSVP. We recommend sending invitations six weeks before the Big Day, then ask guests to RSVP two weeks before.

Something like this:

Wedding date – 17th September

Date you need a final headcount – 10th September

RSVP date on invitation – 1st September

Invitations get sent out – 6th August


Mistake #8: Not asking enough questions

It’s your Big Day and you need to be informed. Ask questions that might feel awkward at the time, but your suppliers don’t mind. They want to help, so don’t be afraid to ask.


Mistake #9: Trying to do it all at once

There are so many wedding planning decisions you need to make and it can feel overwhelming not knowing where to even begin. That’s where a checklist comes in handy!