37 weeks - sharp pains in my cervix!

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lush11 Posts: 2877
Over the last week or so ive been having these really sharp pains in my cervix area. They seem to be getting worse too. I was trying to get my legs into my jeans earlier and the pain was shooting. Now i know its not a contraction or anything but just wondering has anyone else been getting these. They really make you stop for a second. Would it be the head stretching things down there in preparation or something. I get it sometimes when im walking too, not just went i bent over slightly.
momof3 Posts: 510
Sounds v like spd pain. Had it quite bad for last month with ds. It has started again already and I've 15wks left. It takes my breath away and I just have to stop what I'm doing. The good news is it ended for me as soon as ds was delivered. Still had pressure and pelvic floor issues but nothing like the pain from during the pregnancy
lush11 Posts: 2877
I am actually suffering from spd pain for the last few weeks but thought this was something different as all the pain ive had was in my hips. Its more annoying than anything else.
theoracle Posts: 7664
Those are pressure pains from the baby being head down. I swear I thought she had a pair of tiny scissors in there that she poked me with! By week 40 I was walking like a geisha.
OAT Posts: 2207
Yep defo sounds like pressure pains, I was the same on both pregnancies. It's very common for late pregnancy