50 dresses at €500 Diamond & Daisy April Promotion 26th-29th

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admin Posts: 1822
50 dresses at €500 Diamond & Daisy April Promotion 26th-29th April Belladonna Galway April is usually associated with April Showers the flower most associated with April is the Daisy and the birthstone for April is the Diamond!! What girl doesn’t want a Diamond!!! Well to mark this April we have a Special Promotion on offer in Belladonna Bridal in Galway. For the weekend 26th-29th there are 50 designer dresses from 2012 collections reduced from €4000, €3000, €2500, €2000, etc all down to €500. This is a once off promotion and is one not to be missed. Dresses will be from Novia D’Art, Franc Sarabia, Pronovias, Charlotte Balbier and others. The dresses are in mint condition and are truly amazing. The dresses are to be purchased outright and taken away on the day. For any other orders on dresses during this weekend there will be also be a very special promotion. Belladonna’s Spring 2013 collections will be very soon arriving in the shop so space has to be made. Belladonna will very soon be announcing a truly amazing new designer to the West of Ireland and are very excited about these fabulous gowns. Recently Belladonna has added the stunning Halo accessory collection. Halo has become the leading bridal accessory designer and has just launched her collection in Kleinfield , New York. The Diamond and Daisy April mega promotion will run Thurs 26th to Sunday 29th and with such amazing offers it truly is an event not to be missed. [attachment=5:1s95zgme]Belladonna1.jpg[/attachment:1s95zgme] [attachment=4:1s95zgme]Belladonna2.jpg[/attachment:1s95zgme] [attachment=3:1s95zgme]Belladonna3.jpg[/attachment:1s95zgme] [attachment=2:1s95zgme]Belladonna5.jpg[/attachment:1s95zgme] [attachment=1:1s95zgme]Belladonna6.jpg[/attachment:1s95zgme] [attachment=0:1s95zgme]Belladonna4.jpg[/attachment:1s95zgme]
Jomcodoodle Posts: 284
Any more pictures or do you have a list of the rest. My sister is in love with a franc sarabia and a pronovias at the min that are both over 2000, she'd def make the trip to you if you had them in this sale. Good luck with it, they're great offers
belladonna bridal Posts: 49
Hi I'm afraid that's all the images that can go on that announcement. There are some of the dresses on our facebook page. Yes there are Franc Sarabia and some Proovias dresses in the Promotion. It sounds like it would be worthwhile for your sister to call to us. If she wishes to email us at and lets us know which dresses she is interested in we can let her know if they are in the Promotion. If they are not in the promotion for 500 euro we are making special offers on all other dresses this weekend only so that may interest her!