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searchingforBFP Posts: 111
I started packing my bag for the hosptal last night and I realised that I have quite a few of the baby gros that are short sleeved and have no legs ...only buttons. Were these a complete waste of money as I am sure they are no good for a new born....is there any point in me packing them in the bag at all?? I am a little worried.....I am at home alone, hubbie out for the evening ...so without thinking about it, I reached up to pull down the blind in the kitchen...and then thought shit....I shouldnt be doing this......I really hope I havent done any thing wrong??
wedjul05 Posts: 5673
Evening, Re the blind, I'm sure you are fine. over stretching isn't recommended but in the end of my pg, I used to do our king size duvet by myself as DH used to drive me totally bonkers with it! [quote:2x4altak] baby gros that are short sleeved and have no legs ...only buttons.[/quote:2x4altak] Are these what you are talking about?? [url:2x4altak]http://www.mothercare.com/Mothercare-Plain-white-bodysuits-3pk/dp/B0011DYAFG/sr=1-9/qid=1246395553/ref=sr_1_9/275-0321949-1159072?_encoding=UTF8&m=A2LBKNDJ2KZUGQ&n=44483031&mcb=core[/url:2x4altak] if it is, you will defo need them. The babs wears these all the time, under their babygro/clothes. I think they wear them up until the are potty trained, so I was told :-8
searchingforBFP Posts: 111
Thats them alright.....so I need these to go under the full length baby gros......thanks for that. I hope I am OK........re the blind.......I am suvh an idiot always worrying......no doubt I will be on google in the next half hour... Thanks again
ellee Posts: 666
Yeah I was worried about this too, but you do put two layers on the baby the first while so you will defo need them *) also in this weather, Ive been putting just the little undervest on him and then a blanket as he seemed to be getting a bit of a heat rash with the two layers on him all the time.