a good exfoliator

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3yr married Posts: 275
i was just wondering if anyone could recommend a good exfoliator to use before false tan :-8 thanks
mrs bmw Posts: 6447
Buffy the backside slayer from Lush, its quite abrasive but full of oils so you would not need to use a body cream after it :wv
Monica Geller Posts: 161
Lancome do a microdermabrasion for the body. I can't remember the name but its fab and they'll know what you are talking about when you say its microdermabrasion for the body (coz thats what I say and they always know!!) It gets rid of all fake tan left over and dry skin and you feel so soft after. Oh and a good one for the face is the Origins one, Modern Friction. Sooooooo good!
mrsjun08 Posts: 2299
You can get a salt scrub in Debenhams. Not sure what the name is but it's €15. My sister has started using it and her skin is so soft it's unreal. I'd say it would be very good for use before fake tan :wv
happylassy Posts: 150
I've used alot of exfoliators & scrubs but what Im using at the moment is the exfoliating glove, you get a pair of them in Boots (which come in different colours) for just a couple of euro's. I find it great and just use shower gel with it. Cheap as chips and very effective. :wv
Kilcock bride Posts: 426
Got a recommendation from my beautician for a very cheap & VERY effective body scrub: use granulated sugar & olive oil, mix them up & use it when in the bath/shower. Shower is better to be honest as the bath is a pain to clean afterwards. but the results are amazing, your skin will be like velvet. I know it sounds kinda gross, but from what I understand its a very old remedy for dry skin. the oils are easily absorbed & you dont' need any moisturiser afterwards so you're cutting down on using chemicals on your skin - brilliant if you've sensitive skin. I used to use shop bought body scrubs about once or twice a week, now I only use this every 3 or 4 weeks, its brilliant. I've often thought about using baby oil to make it smell nice but have never gotten round to buying it. the sugar is a great natural abrasive that will lift the dead skin. I've never had fake tan done afterwards, but would imagine if you did it 3 or so days before hand you'd be laughing.
jen0808 Posts: 1076
Boots Soltan do a great pre tan 2 in 1. It also smells lovely.