Acupuncture for pain- experiences?

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teapotty Posts: 2085
Just wondering if any of you ladies have had acupuncture? For what type of problem or pain and did it work? Basically I have some type of joint paint that neither my GP nor rheumatologist can diagnose or explain really other than "you can suffer joint pain after having a virus- there's nothing you can do". BTW they're both guessing I had a virus, there's no evidence of that at all- I wasn't noticably sick before all this started. The full set of blood tests were clear- the rheumatologist told me I was the healthiest patient he'd seen all week! So I while I was relieved to find out I definitely do not have arthritis or any other serious disease I'm left with these strange pains that jump about from place to place on my body. I'm also absolutely shattered most of the time despite getting lots of sleep and having a pretty good diet and lifestyle. So I was thinking of trying acupuncture. How do you know if they have a proper qualification? Anyone recommend one in Leinster?
Vintage Darling Posts: 430
Hi Teapotty, Just sent you a PM with some details.
jewellb Posts: 2389
it sounds to me like neuropatic (sp) pain. which is a pain shouting along a nerve, if this was the case you'd need a painkiller that works on the nerve, do you find neurofen based painkillers help? i had shingles about 5 years ago and up untill about 6 months ago i was still getting the nerve pain but its gone now. i am doing acu for fertility reasons and my girl does a special type of massage as well, i love acupuncture and would recommend you give it a go. the girl i go to trained in china also which is important shes in sandyford so near m50 if that helps. let me know if that area suits and ill pm you her number. also you can google acupuncture ireland and you would be able to find someone near you !!! :wv
teapotty Posts: 2085
Thanks for the PMs! If you get an acurpuncturist from the Acupuncture Ireland list I take it they're all reputable yeah? I'd like to get one either near my work (north city centre) or home (Naas) so the one you recommended on the southside doesn't suit me too well Vintage Darling but thanks anyway.
jewellb Posts: 2389
teapotty if you go into search on the forum here you might find one in nass i remember someone talking about one in nass, but if there a member of an organisation they would id imagine be the real deal !!!