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OctoberWifetoBe Posts: 31
Hi Girls, I was hoping you could give me some advice, found out today that I am pregnant......complete surprise, only about 3 weeks gone, but hubby and I are both thrilled. The thing is what do I do next, I am the first in my family and friends so I have no-one to ask. Do I need to see a doctor straight away? What do I do about a hospital? I haven't been taking folic acid should I start now ? Also I am due to travel to New York in about 7 weeks time, is it safe to fly ? I would be very grateful and any advice you could give.
oddwire Posts: 842
Hi there, I was the same as you a couple of weeks ago! First thing to do is book GP appt. My GP confirmed result, then explained about public or private care. He gave me the numbers for the different consultants I could book if I wanted to go private, and told me to decide sooner rather than later as consultants can get booked up pretty quickly. I hadn't been taking folic acid either, he told me not to worry and start taking it straight away. You'll find a few discussions of public v private care on these boards that might help you make your mind up. I decided to go private and rang consultant's office. Have appointment with him at 14 weeks. As far as I know there's nothing between now and then unless anything unusual starts happening. The GP did tell me to ring his office and let them know whether I decide to go private or public but I've been putting this off as my cousin just started working there as a receptionist the day I went in for my appointment!!! I'm afraid that she'll answer if I call, even though I know she'd have to be discreet in her line of work! Best of luck with everything and congrats!
nea dude Posts: 749
Hello & Congratulations! Do start taking folic acid! It's very important. It is recommended to take it up to three months before you concieve, so it's a good idea to start now. I flew during my first and second trimesters. My DH also wanted me to join him on a business trip to Italy last week, would love to have gone but I got scared since I had already flown alot. My gyne told me there was no risk for me and thankfully everything is still ok. It's very early for your doc to do anything other than confirm you're pregnant and check for kidney infections. If you want a quick trip before you fly then go but don't expect too much. When you get back from your trip then your doc will start sending you for tests and set you up for your first scan at 12weeks. Best of luck :thnk
whackywoman Posts: 1496
congratulations :o)ll :o)ll Go to the doctor to get your pregnancy confirmed and then decide where you are going to have the baby. If you want to go private/semi private you would need to arrange a consultant asap as they get booked up really quickly. Start taking folic acid now it is never too late. I flew to a funeral in the UK when I was about 6 weeks pregnant, everything was fine although I did feel a bit naseous. Here is to a happy and healthy pregnancy
OctoberWifetoBe Posts: 31
Thanks for all you replies, they really but my mind to rest.