Any 7/07/07 Brides out there???????????

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dolphin Posts: 85
Totally distracted now, the boss is out so I'm having a field day reading and googling :eek Just wondering who else is sharing this day with me and how your getting on with the preparations????
la esposa Posts: 1191
Hiya twin!! :wv I'm doing ok.Have all the main stuff booked.Off to Spain in 2 weeks for more preps.Working on the paperwork and mass booklet at the moment.Freaking out a bit now tbh.How are you doing?What a great date we have!!
dant Posts: 137
Day before you 6th. Getting closer :o)ll
dolphin Posts: 85
hi la novia, getting a little more decisive each day, booked car yesterday, photographer at weekend, think I have videographer sorted... haven't finalised the band yet, haven't started thinking of mass bouquet or working on invitations yet, but not panicking yet!! Have out pre-marriage course this weekend. Must be hard organising the Wedding overseas, good luck with the planning in Spain, hope you get everything sorted O-O
MrsKA Posts: 878
Hey I'm July 7th aswell. Any one of you a cork bride