Anybody finding the last few pounds hard to shift??

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GEMSPB Posts: 558
Im pounding the roads everyday for up to 3 miles-depending on the weather. I eat special k for breakfast, fruit for breaks, salad for lunch and a proper dinner(1 potato, chicken and veg) in the evening. Dont smoke. No matter how much I try I have half a stone to lose and the bloody thing isnt budging! [b:10pft6iv]Anyone any fool proof tips?[/b:10pft6iv] Im just getting so p****d off now. Hubbie isnt much help...eats like a blooming horse and gains nothing. Hes back at soccer and gaelic now too so hes losing anything he did gain.
Clueless09 Posts: 81
I am in exactly the same boat, the last half a stone just will not get off me!!! I am doing two aerobic classes, walking three other days and watching what i am eating nearly every day (i allow myself a treat on Sundays) but i still can't get down to my target weight, its driving me mental O:| O:|
Tati Posts: 152
could not be in a more similiar situation, have lost two stone over the last year, im still just slightly over half a stone away from my target weight at weight watchers, but i just can get it off! one week im one off the next week im two up, its a pain in the a##! Would love some useful tips too! I exercise at least five times a week and still just battling it! husband to be never exercises and eats like a horse!!!! Lucky fella im just jealous, I keep telling him hes fat on the inside!!!
gwumpy Posts: 182
This happened to me a few years ago and happened again in last few months. Was told to change form of exercise as body can get used to same type of exercise. So to get rid of last half stone the last time I switched from walking to cycling and toning classes. This time I did walking which got a good bit down. Now am doing a fitness regime two days a week and slowly getting there :o)ll :o)ll
Tati Posts: 152
Good advice, I think writing down everything you eat can be an important thing too that im neglecting!! Aiming to have it off for Easter as I want to start the dress shopping then!! That should be motivation enough for anyone... :xox
WohooJul09 Posts: 205
Girls its all out impossible! I have bout half stone to lose and getting nowhere fast This happened me before (for my sisters wedding) and i was playing football 3-4 times a week and nothing. I heard d other day that you should change whatever routine you are doing every 6-8 weeks as your body gets in a routine and needs a change to get other muscle groups going Have another 2 weeks to go in this routine and NOTHING Sick of it all and i seem to be getting hungrier as the days go by (and eating more too)
Beverly Hill Posts: 591
I'm finding the first few pounds hard to shift :-8 :o0 Just can't get motivated.
Asics Posts: 1935
Did anyone try circuit training its a great form of exercise for the whole body great for toning up or swimming is very good aswell as it uses alot of different muscles (will have lovely toned arms for the wedding dress). Also spinning classes are great to get the heart pumping & working the legs, bum & tummy a proper good workout ;o)
Tati Posts: 152
we should try to motivate each other.. leave a comment on this thread anytime you lose a pound or find a helpful tip.. mine is suga free jelly.. a sweet treat and 0 calories!!!
deda Posts: 1220
Me too....I went back to ww in January did the whole 18 point fast track thing (normally 22 points) ate loads of fruit and veg which is normal to me because I love fruit and veg, pointed everything, practically starved, did 2 45-50 minute runs in the week and 1 55 minute power walk and drank loads of water and I was UP half a pound. Well if I didn't go home and eat all around me...then I crashed my car last monday so stressed trying to deal with insurance etc that I have been just eating what ever without thinking-cannot get motivated and have only 4 and half months to go. My dress fits me perfectly in waist, needs to be taken in on bust but I want to be able to wear a bikini on my honeymoon confidently so I want to just lose 5-7lbs but have lost the will due to all the sets backs and trying so hard but to no avail. Plus there is no decent gym where I live!!!