Anyone confirm cost of shipping a dress from USA please?

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tsalta Posts: 329
Hi can anyone please confirm how much it cost for a dress to be shipped from the USA. I have found a shop in Califormia that will ship my BM's dress but they have said the shipping cost is $150 which I thought was kindof expensive!? Just wanted to get an idea of how much others have paid. Obviously I know NYC etc is nearer for shipping but have no idea of what it would cost to ship even from there. Thanks :thnk :wv
NowGone Posts: 8042
It depends. Different companies charge different amounts. It depends on the size and weight of the dress. You could try emialing a few comanies and ask them.
Anonymous Posts: 24542
my only worry would be if you would also be charged an import duty by those ppl in customs!!!!!
redjen Posts: 134
Hi tsalta, i was charge $80 with RK Bridal...i'll have to wait & see how much customs catch me for :o( Can't wait for it to come :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
TanyaBarry Posts: 331
Hi mine was $100 from best bridal and customes was 40 EURO
shala Posts: 1733
I think I paid 140 dollars!
tsalta Posts: 329
Thanks everyone for letting me know what you paid - just wanted to get an idea really!! Hope you all love/loved your dresses when they arrive/arrived!! :o)ll :thnk :wv
mrswildrogue Posts: 1739
I priced with three different companies and it ranged from $65 to $90.
pink lily Posts: 134
Gownsales charge $60 to Ireland, cheapest I found.