anyone else worried about telling the boss?

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Momma2b Posts: 281
Hi ladies, I would love to hear some positive stories from telling your boss you were expecting. I am so nervous about doing this :-8 i work in a small office and we all get on really well. But my not being here will be a major hassle for the business - just the fact they will probably have to get in someone new and train them up all over again etc. I am only here over a year myself and it nearly took that long to get me trained up to the right level and its quite specialised. Also, do they have to let you take the extra 16 weeks maternity leave on top of the initial 26? Have many of you done this and how has it gone down? Thanks ladies!
marriedLife Posts: 1881
Hi I would also love to hear people's stories on this one. My boss is not the best and last year one of the girls I work with asked for one month unpaid ontop of 4 weeks holiday so she could go travelling for 2 months. He wasn't impressed and took her off all the decent projects and had her doing crap boring work for months beforehand because he said he couldn't have her working on these if she would be leaving for a period of time. So I know he is going to be the same with me once I tell him I am taking 6 months off - I am defo going to wait till next month to tell him at least! With regards the additional unpaid leave as far as I am aware legally they have to give you this - but you have to give them at least 4 weeks written notice that you are taking it.
Octoberbaby2010 Posts: 257
Very worried about telling boss work in the public sector, temporary contract- monthly contracts to be exact! News that they are gonna be cutting our hours :weep My union have been no help whatsoever! terrified of telling them as they could let me go and say "no more work etc." so that would let them out of pregnancy descrimination... I have been working there nearly two years. Dont really know how im gonna tell them Im 11 wks i suppose i have a little time before i have to tell them :o(
Mrslovealot Posts: 656
I told my boss last week. I too work in a very small office and my work is very specialist (I'm here four years and still getting to grips with it!) but I couldn't give a toss to be honest. It's awful to say it but no one is indespensible and the office will cope without me... I think part of how your boss reacts is down to your delivery of the news. I was full of the joys of spring telling him...and I kept saying - "we're just delighted, it's such great news" and sure, he couldn't say otherwise could he? To be fair he's a family man himself and is very good about this things but we will be heading into a very very busy period just before I skip out of the office in October but it's not my problem! We've enough to worry about with pregnancy without worrying about bloody work's reaction if you ask me! Good luck ladies - don't let them bring you down!! :action31
fairybelle Posts: 154
Hi Octoberbaby! just wondering if you tell them and then they let you go woud it be discrimination? Just a thought but they might be less likely to let you go if they know, nobody would want equality laws to be breeched. Maybe? haven't told my boss yet i' lucky I have a permenant job will try do it tomorrow O:o)
Ice 2 Posts: 224
I am going to have to tell my boss this week. My work is quite specialised too and we have been successful in getting a project worth €0.5m. It will involve me working full-time for 3 years on it. So I am going to have to break the news, although I intended waiting another month or so, but feel I have to in order for them to recruit someone else. I agree though that you and your baby are so much more important than work.