Anyone not wearing a veil?

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Pearlygirl Posts: 20
Hi everyone, I'm not wearing a veil and keep having people tell me I really should, it's the only chance you'll ever get to wear one and I'm starting to wobble a bit! Does a veil really "make" a bride?? Are there many other brides out there who have opted not to wear a veil?
keyra Posts: 801
Hi Pearlygirl, I originally had no intention of wearing a veil but just like you, people (my mam especially!) were saying that a bride isn't a bride without a veil and as the day is now very close i have decided to order a cheap veil online and will decide when it arrives if im going to wear it. At least then if i decide on the morning of the wedding that something is missing without the veil, i will have the option to wear it, and if i dont wear it then i haven't spent loads of money on it (if that makes any sense!). :wv
starzzzz Posts: 1123
im not wearing one it really didnt work with my dress. im wearing a tiara instead. i know lots of people who go to a lot of weddings think brides should wear a veil cause it covers their back in the chapel.
jaykay Posts: 452
anyone I know that didnt wear 1,regretted it!
NemoFish Posts: 2501
If you change your mind You can always take it off, but you can't change your mind if you don't have one with you. I hadn't planned on it - thought they were a bit old fashioned, until someone in a bridal shop stuck one on me, and that changed my mind. Also went dress shopping with my sisters, tried on a few dresses, and then tried on one with a veil. My sister looked at me gobsmacked and said "Oh my God - you're getting married"
littlemisshopeful Posts: 6101
I don't want to wear one. I will be 37 in October and feel they are for younger brides. :o0 Everyone keeps saying it to me too. My friend has given me hers on loan and I will have it with me at my parents house up to the end just in case I want to wear it suddenly. I just keep telling people that I still haven't decide on wearing one or not. I have tried them in the shop with the dress, but I just feel "not me" with them on.
PinkRibbons Posts: 1446
I won't be wearing one... always thought it would be too fussy on me.. blowing all over the place, and knowing how awkward I am, I'll trip over it, stand on it, tear it, or spill champagne all over it.. so that's a "No" from me! fancy comb/flower combination instead! :o0
mrsandmr Posts: 366
i never wanted a traditional veil so I'm going for a birdcage veil instead - it still has the romance of looking covering your eyes and face (mine falls to just below my nose) without being so traditional. I think its really chic and grown up looking.
summersurprise Posts: 1276
am thinking I dont wanna wear one either but a few people have said oh you should wear one, my dress has a bit of detail on the back so I didnt wanna cover that . . . am 95% sure I wont wear one :wv
Verbena Posts: 80
I'm not wearing a veil either. I tried on some veils and tiaras just to see but I wasn't feeling the love and anyhow I'd be a complete disaster with one - getting caught or pulled or stuck to lips etc. I have a hair comb with beaded flowers instead. I think you should try some on for sure but the decision is up to you not anyone else!