Our au-pair from Lanzarote e-mailed me to say she would love to come back to ireland next summer. She stayed with us for 11 weeks this summer and helped with my newborn and toddler 13 1/2 months between my two. She was very very good and kind and diligent with both boys. I'ld definitely give her a good reference. She really and genuinely is a lovely girl and is a trainee nurse. If i was to say anything negative at all it would be that she is a little dry - doesn't drink alcohol or crap food, but those are not really complaints at all. She is very very sweet. Any of you with two smallies together I would recommend an au -pair. We would consider inviting her back to us, but we are thinking of getting someone in Jan 2010 and we think it would make more sense to take someone on for a year rather than chopping and changing, but as yet nothing is set in stone. Anyway pm me if you would like any more details