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paws2paws Posts: 737
Guys where is the best and cheapest place to get a travel bag to carry on for Ryanair please thanks
xxxbabyxxx Posts: 226
I find Dunnes great for little "pully" cases. Max you'll pay is €25, you can get nice colourful ones too.
BusyBee29 Posts: 368
I think one without any pockets on outside is best. I noticed on last trip that the majority of bags were checked and any suspect bags were trialled in the Ryanair measure.
Rosewater Posts: 372
I think the small case that you can get as part of the Tesco luggage offer fits the dimensions for Ryanair. Last time I was on Ryanair the crew put a metal box on top of cases that looked too big and if they didn't fit the passenger had to pay 50e at the gate :weep
galwaygirl2010 Posts: 2447
Most of the smallest luggage cases will fit. When buying one, make sure to check the weight of the case itself as this will take away from your luggage allowance. The weights of the case can vary from 1.8kg to 3.5kg. If you are asked to fit your case into the metal trial box at the airport - always put it in head first rather than wheels first. The top is the narrowest part of the case and the additional weight of the wheels will help push the case into the metal box easier.
keepitsimple Posts: 966
I got one of these,they were selling 2 for €50 in a local shop a while back and I saw them in a few places so you might keep an eye out for them. We have travelled loads with them and once ryanair see this bag they just tell us to go on they have never asked us to put it in the bag thingy even when they are been really strict! [url:p4lsva35][/url:p4lsva35] I believe the tesco ones are fine too!
paws2paws Posts: 737