Booking the venue,how long before??

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Hyper2012 Posts: 1327
How far in advance should you book your venue????
Leftbank Posts: 2395
Hi Grace, Would depend when is the wedding? If its a Bank Hol wkd or around xmas nye would say 2 yrs to guarantee, we booked ours 2 yrs b4 to guarantee Bh. Welcome to the site.
gossip girl Posts: 240
depends on availability and when you want to get married. We booked ours almost 2 years in advance to give us plenty of time to save!
dub2010 Posts: 378
we booked ours 1 year and 9 months in advance and still couldnt get the date we wanted that was nearly a year ago now so things werent as bad.but defo over a year in advance i would advise O-O
Hyper2012 Posts: 1327
Thanks for that looking at the hamlet court hotel in meath its pretty popular so im sure two years would be ok ive a while to go anyway :)
dub2010 Posts: 378
definatley 2 years for the the mean time u'll get plenty of ideas here best of luck :wv
Starbar2010 Posts: 1261
We just booked ourss in Bewleys, they h ave dates as its only newly opened but I do think it depends on hotel, time of year etc.
Hyper2012 Posts: 1327
Thanks all starting to get excited now still a long way to go thou!!!! :o0 :o0
prettylady Posts: 578
we booked ours with 9 months to go. if ur not fussy bout dates it wll be grand. congrats on de engagment.
bijou Posts: 1154
We booked ours 2 years in advance, only becaue I didn't even know if venue would have a wedding! It's an old georgian house that's converted into a B&B. I just wanted to use the grounds and perhaps a marquee or something. So I made an appointment to see them and talk about it when they showed this fab restaurant they had converted from the barns. It wasn't running yet, but it was all laid out, tables & chairs etc. So the thoughts were to hire a carter, but they've opened the restaurant since last year with a top class chef, so it's all fallen into place all by itself! And we ended up booking the date there and then with them 2 years ago!