bridesmaid dress shopping- so difficult

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realta Posts: 820
hey girls, in need of a rant and a bit of WOLLIE advice! Went bm dress shopping yesterday and one of my bm's couldn't make it. the other two girls came though., at lunch one of the bm's told me that she didn't understand why so much effort and planning went into something that at the end of the day is just one night. :eek in the last shop of the day (only been shopping for 2 hours) she said what's the point of even trying this on, etc. she tried a dress on just came out, said no and then walked back into the dressing room and put the next dress on and then just came out, made a face and went back into the changing room to change. A few weeks ago I tried on a dress I liked in a shop in Dundrum. I think its a nice dress and will suit all their colourings. At what stage do you put your foot down and pick a dress? not getting married for a while but i don't want this to drag on and on, especially when one of them is being so fussy!
GirlFriday Posts: 1815
Realta we're getting married around the same time as you and I've decided that if my BMs don't agree on a dress by Christmas then I'm going to go ahead and order them in January regardless. We found a dress that will do the job perfectly but one of them is a bit picky. :wv
realta Posts: 820
girl friday that sounds like a plan, i might do the same. i'd love them in apple green but (a) its hard to find a dress that shade and (b) it doesn't suit one of their colourings- or so she claims!!!! I haven't been boring them with any wedding stuff (thank god for WOL) and i just think they could show more interest in the dresses they'll be wearing h2b thinks i should wait until spring but the girls can't agree on a colour that they all like except navy so i think that's what we'll be going with
RoseDawson Posts: 1494
I took my BM's to ONE bridal shop that did bridesmaids aswell and told them to pick out something they liked as I was hoping that this would be the only day shopping for dresses!! I only had 6 months to the wedding so did not have time for faffing about!! I told my girls they could have any style or colour so this made things fairly easy for them. I think if you look in too many shops you will get confused.
Piggle Posts: 1770
Thank god so far my bms are fairly ok, they say they like stuff and I am not convinced but at least they are trying! :) With your friend who is being difficult, does she even want to be BM? I'd ask her offhandly and maybe you might be able to kick her off :o0 :o0 Then happy days! :)
ciaraella Posts: 5323
put the foot down realta! i'd arrange one more day out, tell them it's the final day and you'll be ordering something that day. if you're paying for the dresses it's ultimately your decision. if they think you're serious and being firm about it they'll make up their minds quickly!
realta Posts: 820
to bo fair to the difficult bm i think she was tired and doesn't get how much a wedding means to brides! i'm not a bridezilla by any stretch of the imagination. i kept telling the girls they could have whatever dress they wanted...only problem is they all want different dresses but still want to wear the same thing!! O:| :o0 trying to stay up beat about it. we're gonna try on the dress i liked and hopefully that'l be it. if not i'll be taking your advice ciaraella and setting them a day to make up their minds!!!! thanks girls :heartbeat:
missengaged Posts: 175
Both my bridesmaids only want a sweetheart neckline and won't even try anything else on, I was their bridesmaids too so its got to the point last week where I told them I was put in whatever they wanted and didn't say a word as it was their wedding so I would expect the same treatment. The thing is, the dresses I'm picking are gorgeous, I wouldn't dare put them in anything hideous but they're just so damn fussy!
vinoqueeno Posts: 3511
[quote="realta":1ra2ufu9] i'd love them in apple green but (a) its hard to find a dress that shade and (b) it doesn't suit one of their colourings- or so she claims!!!! [/quote:1ra2ufu9] Realta, what colouring is your bm? It's just that I had apple green bm dresses & it was a colour that suited all of my 4 bms....and I had blonde, red & browne haired bms!! If it's any help mine were short Karen Millen dresses & looked really well with ivory bouquets & shoes (especially if you get a sunny day!)