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Maybethisyear13 Posts: 992
Morning! It's under 7 months to the wedding and apart from taking Calcium vits. and Boots hair, skin and nails tablets I haven't done a whole lot on the beauty department! I have college exams in a week so at the moment I am stress eating, breaking out in spots and feeling in general crappy! I am planning on doing a complete turn around after the horrible exams are done but budget is very limited!! I get my hair highlighted so will be keeping that one up and regular cuts. Also using the Pennys version of Morrocan oil and it seems to be ok. I use a lot of the Aldi products and find them good - similar to Dermalogica which I used to use pre "no money" days! No budget for gym so I will be getting in lots of dog walks, my pilates DVD and also I think I will buy a Zumba game for our Kinect. Anyone care to share budget friendly beauty tips?
flor Posts: 1621
hey mlefleuffe, use your cleanser (if it's a wash off one) with very warm (not scalding, obv.!) water and a face cloth or muslin cloth (you can get yards of muslin fabric in hickeys which is cheaper than buying the ready made muslin facecloths). i find the hot water & cloth is much better at deep cleaning your pores then just washing with your hands! tone with a splash of cold water. tea tree oil is good on spots where the skin has broken, it prevents infection & is good a drying them out. the best handcream i find is palmers cocoa butter (in the bottle or tube), rub it on last thing at night, particularly into your nails & cuticles! if ind it great for keeping hands soft & nails healthy looking. the body shop also has a fantastic twisty pen with almond oil and a rubber cuticle pusher thingy on one end of it which i find great for keeping your cuticles neat. for exfoliating i use the penneys stretchy exfoliating gloves, find them way better than any of the tubs of scrub stuff & of course they ar cheaper & last longer. vaseline moisture lock lotion is great too. HTH!
Maybethisyear13 Posts: 992
Thanks for all the tips! Some great ones there! I'll definitely pick up some of that Muslim Cloth and try the cleansing. Really interested in the Body Shop pen for nails. My hands are not in great shape so I am trying to make sure I use handcream throughout the day and my cuticles need some care! I love those gloves too, find them so great! I also heard that brown sugar mixed with some olive oil is great for exfoliating!!! Should be interesting cleaning the bath after that one! Thanks again!
flor Posts: 1621
no prob! the pen is great. it's about €12 i think, but it lasts a fair while. just brush a blob of oil on each fingernail near the cuticle & rub in to each nail/cuticle. leave for a minute or two, then gently push back the cuticles with the rubber thing. it's v handy, i keep one in my car in case i'm sitting in traffic somewhere!
Maybethisyear13 Posts: 992
I was actually in Body Shop today and saw it. It's on the list for payday!!! I was getting my eye brows threaded so that was this weeks beauty buy!!!! Bodyshop are brilliant for threading....€12 for eye brows. They have some fab stuff in there,the whole almond hand range looks great! Must resist....such an impulse buyer...hence trying to manage the budget! :wv
Nostress Posts: 1606
Hi MLeFleuffe The cheapest solution of the lot I find is Olive Oil and Sugar. Mix it up together to use as a body scrub. Put it on your hands and put on latex gloves for about 30-60mins before washing off. It will really make your skin feel great and if you want to jazz it up a bit for a relaxing evening of beauty treatments just add a few drops of aromatherapy oil