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summerbaby Posts: 4
Hi Girls I have started the search for a pram / buggy and I'm finding it difficult to choose between the Bugaboo and Quinny. Any opinions on which is better / easier to use / lasts baby longer etc???? Thanks a mil :thnk
Emomc Posts: 2069
Summerbaby, I think it is all down to personal choice. I looked at both and went with the Bugaboo Cameleon. I do an awful lot of walking and just felt it was slighter lighter and easier to manouver, but again thats just my personal opinion on it. I thought the carrcot was much nicer and snugger on the Quinny though. I think they are both equally as good. I see a lot more Quinny's around I must say and I think they look fab. I went into the shop and gave each a really good run around (well as much as you can in a shop), turned it, unfolded it, assembled etc. The Bugaboo is pricier but I was lucky as I got mine on sale so the difference between it and the Quinny wasnt too bad. Best of luck!
frangipani Posts: 1543
are you living in an urban/rural setting? they're both class buggies from what i've seen of them, it really depends on what features you are looking for and where you will be using the buggy most of the time. i found that getting a demo in a shop of their features, how to put them together and how to collapse them and to push them around the shop was the best way of deciding which suited us. they're both great in that you can have the baby facing you, there's lots of padding and support for the baby and you can have it as a pram or buggy and use the car seat on the base too. deciding factors to take into consideration are: how much wear and tear the buggy will get : whether you will mostly be pushing the buggy on footpaths or uneven ground, i.e. in a predominantly urban or rural setting. brake system: they're all different so see which one you like. weight of the buggy: compare the weights and see which one you are happy with. i found that both models while sturdy, are both quite wide so just check that they will fit through door frames in your house! also check that they will fit in the boot of your car. we're going with the bugaboo cameleon too purely because we live in a rural setting. the roads are uneven, and the wheels on the bugaboo can't get punctured. we also liked that you can put the bigger wheels forward and that the suspension on the wheels move for more uneven ground. we also live near the beach and you can put it together to suit pulling/pushing it over sand. we liked how light it was too as we do a lot of travelling and would have to put it together and dismantle it a lot. if i lived in an urban area i don't think i'd need these features as much, and there's much greater choice then. lots of people on here have purchased the quinny and the bugaboo models so i'm sure you'll get plenty of feedback on both.
sunnygirl Posts: 1876
these are my 2 favourite buggys/prams - think i'm gonna go for the Quinny Buzz tho. There's great videos on youtube on them showing all the features etc.