Buying outfits for mothers

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Calsilver Posts: 21
Hi all, It's been said to me that the bride and groom should buy the outfits for the mothers or that this is expected or traditional. Has anyone ever heard of this?! Before I offend my future inlaws by saying no! Thanks Cal
disorganised2012 Posts: 52
Never heard of this I know you buy suits for fater of groom and bride but not the mothers sure jesus you would be robbed
Daisy Row Posts: 3650
Never heard of this :eek I'm dressing enough people that day! In my case I am dressing both of the dads so the spend on wedding outfits is reduced for the couple IYKWIM??
Calsilver Posts: 21
Christ I never even heard of buying a suit for the fathers! And his father sadly isn't with us anymore so maybe that's why his family are angling for us to buy his mother's outfit instead?! She has a fondness for BT too, I'll be out the door paying for that! :eek
super excited Posts: 143
We're getting suit hire for the fathers but the mothers are definitely paying for their own outfits! I'd hate to think of the cost if you had to buy their outfits too! :yelrotflmaosmilie:
beezingful Posts: 71
Never herd of this, we will be hiring suits for the FOB and FOG is no longer with us. But have no intention on paying for mothers.
MrsOC2012 Posts: 595
Never heard of this before! We're paying for suit hire for the dads but definitely not for the mother's. They'll have a flower corsage to match their colours and will get a lovely bouquet of flowers as well...that'll do them :o0
sarebear Posts: 275
I hadn't heard of it before but we decided that it was something that we wanted to do. We paid for both mammies outfits, they bought the shoes themselves. Not renting suits for the bridal party, buying them instead so the daddies got suits too. Just our way of saying thank you for all the help they have given us in the run up to the wedding, wouldn't have been able to do it without them. So each to their own, no set rule of having to buy them their outfits, so do whatever you feel comfortable with. I doubt they will be offended if you don't pay, i know ours certainly didn't expect us to pay, couldn't get over the fact that we did. I am happy with our decision to buy them for ours. O:o)