Can 10 mth old develop reflux?

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beancounter Posts: 148
Okay girls, need some ideas here. My 10.5 month old has been poorly now for 5/6 weeks. Not majorily in bad form, or having a temp or anything. She started with a cold, cough nothing major, but the cough has just stayed around. She is not coughing a huge amount, but it is causing her to projectile vomit a few of times a week, about every other day. Normally at night when lying flat, (well not that she is flat her cot is that tilted!!) She has now stopped eating solids as well. I have had her at the doctor already last week, and her throat, ears and chest were clear. I had thought perhaps she had hayfever. Now nursery just rang me earlier to say she had been sick all over the place again. (I should point out, I am just back to work, so put this down initially to the usual getting everything under the sun when starting nursery!) They also said how her sick was very watery, which is correct, and it also smells acidy. Which has now got me thinking has she an acid reflux. That might explain the cough adn vomiting. What you think?
3yr married Posts: 275
hi only seen your post now. my son was going all the same as your LO and it also came on quite sudden he started around 6 months and was sick after every feed and it was only when he was not putting on weight that the doctors started to listin to me so here he is at 16 months old only really getting things done now. my advice to you would be take your LO back to the doctor and insist that he/she sends lo on to the hospital. if it is reflux it will get worse because she will refuse all foods because she will be afraid it will make her sick and hurt. my son is now what they call texture sensistive and can not handle lumpy food every thing has to be smooth and he is on a milk to fatten him up. if you have any questions please feel free to pm me
rosiemama Posts: 3363
DS1 was diagnosed with reflux as a baby but it got a lot worse when he started on solids, so it definitely could be reflux. he has a very sensitive gag reflex, so just a taste of somethng that he doesn't like, or doesn't like the texture of, can make him bring up his entire dinner. we have to be very careful with what he eats and introduce new foods slowly and keep track of what causes it. he used to also be fine after dinner, but then when getting his nappy changed or ready for bed he would sometimes be sick then, but he seems to have stopped doing that now. def go back to the doctor and make sure they take it seriously. she could just be recovering from being ill, or it could be reflux, or it could be something else, but if it is stopping her eating for longer than a day or two then i would be worried and definitely want to find out why. hope she is feeling better soon x
beancounter Posts: 148
Thanks for the replies. I have got an appointment at 5 today with the doctor. I hope I get my point across clearly enough, sometimes I feel I go to the doctors and lose my brain! She coughed last night alittle, nothing major, and no vomiting which was great. Mopping floors at 2am is not fun!