Can't put pressure or walk on left leg?

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Wifetobe2 Posts: 549
Girls,in ribbons the last hour. When I try to lift my leg it aches so bad, and walking really painful when I stand on it :o( it's weird cos its not every single time I walk on it either ;o( What could it be? I have a bump and that already but have only gained 4lbs. Thanks, I might consider two paracetamol.
GoldStar Posts: 775
Hi Wifetobe, I had the same kind of pain on this pregnancy from about 14 weeks, had it near the very end of last pregnancy, but never thought much of it, as I was MASSIVE at the end :o0 . Work as a nurse and was referred to the occupational therapy dept at work for a review, the doctor basically told me that it was baby lying on the sciatic nerve, like the way my DS had been. I wonder could this be the pain you're having? He said, even though it was very early, unfortunately, if you've suffered with this kind of pain in a previous pregnancy, likelihood is, you'll suffer again, but earlier, as muscle, ligaments etc are all looser this time. I'm now seeing physio and wear a belt, it's still bad at times, but definately better. At one stage, I had to lie down on the kitchen floor as I got awful pain when trying to load the washing machine... My poor DS hadn't a clue why Mammy was having a rest on the kitchen floor. :o0 Hope you feel better soon. :wv
Sybil Fawlty Posts: 1541
Possibly sciatica?
dancerformoney Posts: 2733
could well be sciatica but could also be SPD. i just had a flick through this article, might help you. can start in first trimester. a friend of mine had it at about 14 weeks and went to physio which helped alot. you might need to go to your gp on monday. hope the pain settles.
littlemisshopeful Posts: 6101
Sounds like pelvic girdle pain or spd but that normally starts later in pregnancy. If it lasts, get yourself referred to the hospital physio or go to a private one if you want. Best of luck.
JLa Posts: 527
It sounds like sciatica alright (I have had both bad SPD and bad sciatica for most of my pregnancy) - I can really recommend going to someone who does pregnancy massage/shihatsu massage and telling them about it, if it's sciatica they should be able to work wonders. IF it's SPD I'm afraid physio, sitting on a ball and getting lots of rest is pretty much all you can do!
Wifetobe2 Posts: 549
Thanks very much girls I appreciate all the replies. I think its more a nerve thing given that it comes on and goes all of a sudden!!! xxx
mrsberries Posts: 462
hi there Go and see your doctor about it. I think its way too early to be suffering the usual pregnancy related strains. However in the early days I was getting leg cramps from the loosening of muscles and it was quite painful. Ive also suffered from bursitis ( sports injury) on and off throughout the pregnancy. Mostly at the end, but I did go for a massage when I was about 4 months as my left hip was really sore and it really helped.